How to solve the problem that the chain saw can't pull

by:Jiali     2020-06-21
1. See how long the chain saw has been used This is very important, if it is just used, then the most likely is that the starting method is not correct and caused the chain saw to flood the cylinder. Strictly speaking, it is not a malfunction. This situation is still quite common. The solution is also relatively simple. Remove the spark plug, gently press the spark plug port with your thumb, pull the start handle a few times, drain the excess fuel from the cylinder, dry the spark plug and replace it, and restart the saw. 2. Whether the fuel ratio is correct This point is also very important. The chain saw works normally in the morning and cannot be pulled at noon. We need to first remove the exhaust cylinder to see if there is a scratch on the lower piston. Eliminate the pulling cylinder first. , This requires professional maintenance. 3. The chain saw has been used for a while, and the fuel oil is also normal. Check them one by one according to the following steps: (1) Check the circuit, check whether the spark plug has electricity. Remove the top of the spark plug and place it on the metal. Pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity. Replace the spark plug and try it out. (2) Check the oil circuit to see if the fuel filter is clogged, clean the oil filter or replace with a new fuel filter, and start to try. (3) Adjustment of the chain saw carburetor. If the high-speed adjustment screw of the chain saw carburetor is adjusted too high, and the carburetor cannot be supplied with oil, you can try to withdraw the high-speed adjustment screw H of the carburetor. Start and try. If it still doesn't work, you need to remove the air filter, check whether the air filter is clean, remove the carburetor, clean the carburetor or replace the carburetor. (4) Learn to maintain the chain saw. If you don’t use the machine for a long time, you have to get the oil out of the oil tank and start the machine to burn the carburetor and cylinder oil. In order to prevent residual oil from clogging the carburetor, the air filter is usually cleaned, and the lubricating oil must be used with a better lubricating effect. After using the chain saw, remember to maintain the chain saw so that the work efficiency can be ensured the next time you use the chain saw. The above are several problems that may be encountered during the use of the chain saw today. I hope to help everyone. If you encounter problems during the use of the chain saw, you can call us.
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