How to Run a Chainsaw Without Getting Yourself Hurt

by:Jiali     2020-04-14
I have heard of many people getting seriously injured when using a chain saw. This is most unfortunate. However, it is also easily avoided in most cases. While common sense does go a long way with chain saws, there are also a few specific situations that you will want to avoid, along with a few safety tips that can go a long ways as well. I think the main way that people end up cutting themselves with a chain saw is by not holding onto the saw tight enough. This is especially dangerous when cutting small brush, since this will often kick the chain saw back towards you. If you don't have strong grip on the saw, it may eventually hit you, which will probably lead to about 50 stitches and a rather large hospital bill. However, if you follow what is probably the most important safety guideline for running a chain saw, and hold into the saw TIGHT, then the odds of this happening will be GREATLY reduced. When it comes to people getting hurt (or often killed) when cutting a tree, this next bit of information may surprise you. In this case it is not even the saw that ends up hurting you, it is the tree. But I'm not even talking about the whole tree, I am just talking about the very TOP of the tree (or one of its large branches). What I am warning you about is cutting dead trees. Basically I don't ever cut a dead tree unless it is extremely small. This is because dead trees have a great tendency to break off at the top once you start cutting them, and they start to wobble a bit. I have heard of many people getting hurt or even killed when cutting a dead tree. Most people don't even see it coming, because they don't look up when they are cutting a tree, and it only takes a second for a tree top (or limb) to break off and fall right on your head. Last but not least, some people take the chain break off of their saw. This is an extremely bad idea, and I still to this day do not understand why anyone in their right mind would ever want to do this. The whole point of the chain break is to stop the spinning chain instantly upon kicking back. That is why the chain break bar is positioned right in front of your forearm; this way, if the saw jumps back towards you, it stops the chain dead, and even if the saw does hit you, it won't hurt you nearly as bad as it would have if the chain was still spinning. So in other words, NEVER EVER take the chain break off. And besides, it will accomplish absolutely nothing taking the chain break off anyways! If you follow the simple advice outlined above, then you will be ahead of most people that run a chain saw, and you will also be far less likely to ever get injured as well.
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