How to repair chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-10
Check the cause of the problem with the chain saw 1. Check the oil circuit and circuit to see if the oil filter is clogged, whether the carburetor is pumping oil normally, and whether the spark plug has electricity. Remove the spark plug and place it on the metal. Pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity of. 2. Remove the air filter and check whether the air filter is clean. 3. Remove the carburetor, then drip some oil into the cylinder, and start the machine a few times. If not, you must wash the carburetor or replace it, and finally check the cylinder. Teach you a way to maintain the machine, if you do not use the machine for a long time, you must pour out the oil from the tank. Start the machine and burn the carburetor and cylinder oil. In order to prevent residual oil from clogging the carburetor, the air filter is usually cleaned, and the lubricating oil must be used with a better lubricating effect. Shanghai Youtuo Industrial Co., Ltd. is an integrated group company dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and service of high-end garden machinery products. The company's main chain saws, chain saw brands, lawn mowers, brush cutters and other garden machinery products and Chain saw accessories repair. How to repair chain saw The first step: we will manually pull the chain saw to see the overall operation status. At this time, we can judge based on the lost information: whether there is a jammed cylinder (when experienced, we can indirectly judge whether there is deflation and pulling cylinder). Sound (can judge whether the magnetic flywheel and crankshaft are damaged), start the assembly or not. And according to the relevant conditions to replace or maintain parts. Step 2: Identify the circuit. Remove the spark plug (the spark plug is under the air filter cover), and check whether the spark plug can deposit carbon and whether the contact is normal. Make the spark plug discharge partially contact the cylinder or can be electrically conductive with the crankcase, and pull the chain saw. At this time, you can reflect on the circuit, such as whether there is electricity, the size of the electricity and whether the discharge distance can be bumpy. This step can reflect on whether the spark plug, coil and igniter are normal. The third step: Use your fingers to block the inside of the spark plug of the cylinder and pull the pull plate to reflect whether the cylinder can pull the cylinder. Or remove the muffler and see if the piston has pull marks from the cylinder muffler. Step 4: Check the oil circuit. Remove the carburetor and clean it, and adjust the carburetor pointer as appropriate. Unscrew the fuel cap and check the fuel filter head. And check the oil pipe, intake pipe, etc. for damage.
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