How to judge the failure and maintenance of spark

by:Jiali     2020-06-22
Many people do not know what to do when the spark plug of the lawnmower fails. Some people will encounter the situation where the oil added to the lawnmower is not clean. Sometimes the newly added is not clean and I don’t know what is going on? Today, I will come to talk about it with everyone. Spark plug failure and maintenance The failure of the spark plug mainly occurs in the skirt and the electrode. The following is divided into four cases to analyze. 1. Normal Normal means that the air-fuel is more appropriate, the ignition advance angle is appropriate, the spark plug calorific value is appropriate, and the combustion chamber is burned normally, that is, there is no hot ignition, and there is no leakage and fire interruption. Under normal circumstances, the spark plug is almost free of carbon deposits and dry. The electrode is basically ablative, light brown (rust color) or slightly grayish powder on the surface. As long as some micro-deposit residue is wiped off during maintenance, it can continue to be used. 2. Carbon deposition The carbon deposit spark plug is dry, with a matte black carbon layer deposited. In severe cases, the carbon layer is in the form of a capillary tube. The carbon deposit will cause leakage and fire. If the combustible gas is too rich, the spark plug's high heat value, weak ignition or excessive electrode gap will cause carbon deposits, and the spark plug can still be used after the carbon deposit is removed. 3. Overheat damage The skirt was dried to white or light gray. In severe cases, the surface of the porcelain tube was loose and bulged. The electrode was obviously ablated. The proximal end of the center electrode was ablated and there were tumor-like particles adhered. Too lean combustible gas, low spark plug calorific value or gas leakage, premature ignition or overheated gasoline will cause overheating damage, which is better. 4. Oil pollution The engine oil is bright and black, and it is greasy. Too much engine oil in the mixed oil, crankshaft oil seal leakage, low spark plug calorific value, and excessive idle or low speed operation time will cause oil pollution. Without special cleaning fluid, it is difficult to remove. The electrode barrier of the spark plug is important technical data, which should be adjusted according to the value in the manual. Non-contact ignition is generally 0.6-0.7MM, the gap is too large, the high-speed performance of the gasoline engine is not good; too small, the low-speed performance is not good. Why can't the oil change still keep the purity of the oil? Ordinary lawn mowers need to be replaced for about 20-25 hours. Since the oil viscosity is high at room temperature, the replacement must be carried out under the condition of hot engine to ensure that the oil is completely replaced. Generally, the above problem occurs because the waste engine oil is not replaced in the hot engine state and is not completely cleaned. Even if the new engine oil is refilled, it is contaminated by the waste engine oil remaining in the cylinder, so the oil change should be performed in the hot engine state. The above is the solution to the problem of the lawn mower spark plug and the method to maintain the purity of the oil. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any questions about chain saws or lawn mowers, please contact us.
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