How to Have More Money Now Or in Your Retirement

by:Jiali     2020-07-17
It might seem crazy to invest in an automatic lawn mowing system at this time of economic hardship for many but if you have a large lawn it could well be the most sensible way forward.
A large lawn takes a lot of hard work and money to keep looking well cared for. At the moment it might be something you actually enjoy doing - getting out there on a ride-on mower and fertiliser spreader, not to mention an aerator. Or paying a gardener to cut the lawn may not be a problem now. But when older and retired, the golf course or more holidays may be the preferred choice and there may be less income.
By owning a robot lawnmower now you will immediately start to save money by not buying petrol or fertiliser. This is because the automatic mower runs on lithium-ion batteries and the minute lawn clippings it produces provide all the nutrients the lawn needs. This saving is small I admit but if you are actually having to pay some-one say A�15.00 an hour to cut the lawn once a week throughout the summer that is another saving of about A�500.00. That is if it only takes an hour to cut.
Before installing my automatic mowing system my lawn used to take me two hours to cut on a ride-on mulching mower. Each time I mowed it used A�5.00 worth of petrol. As the mower was a mulcher the lawn had to be cut three times a fortnight. My life in the summer was pretty well ruled by when the lawn had to be cut.
Once I changed to having an automatic lawn mower I had six hours a fortnight in which to do other activities and A�15 more money to spend by not buying petrol! Had a gardener cut the lawn for me that saving would have been another A�45 a week - say another A�1260.00 a year. I very quickly made my automatic mower pay for itself and from then on the cost of the robot cutting my lawn is a mere A�6 a year for the tiny amount of electricity used to charge the robot's battery.
An automatic lawn mowing system can easily be installed, by a trained technician if needed. There are enough different sized models of automatic mowers so one will be right for any lawn up to 4 acres. They work automatically once programmed and may even be activated by Bluetooth on some models. Automatic lawnmowing has revolutionised my life and am sure a robot would make a huge difference for anyone whether working or retired.
The concept of robot lawnmowers is new in the UK but old hat in America. The Italians who make automatic lawnmowers cannot understand why we in England shy away from having our own pet robot. And neither can I!
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