How To Choose The Right Lawnmower For Your Garden:

by:Jiali     2020-07-21
At first, we may think that buying a new lawnmower is an easy task; jumping into the car and popping down to the garden centre may be your first choice or you may prefer to browse and purchase on-line. However, it soon becomes apparent that the choice of machinery on offer nowadays is quite overwhelming and may leave you wondering which way to turn: rear-roller, four-wheel rotary, cylinder mower, electric or petrol, to mulch or not to mulch and so the next few articles we'll attempt to shed some light on which lawn mower will best suit your needs with regards to your budget, the grass conditions at your property and your overall gardening aspirations.
Many people like the idea of having a formal, striped finish to their lawn or grass area, keen to replicate the look of a top quality tennis court or bowling green. With this in mind, we will start our series of advice notes by looking at rear roller rotary lawnmowers. The ultra short grass finishes we see at top sporting events is achieved with petrol cylinder mowers that literally shave the grass with a scissor-like action. We will cover these machines in a later article, as they are generally not suitable for most lawn types, requiring a very even top surface to the grass, which is where a rear-roller rotary mower comes into its element. The cutting blade on rotary lawnmowers is usually a rotating metal bar, horizontal to the grass surface that chops the grass to a desired height. It is this cutting style that makes a rotary lawn mower suitable for less than perfect lawns.
If your lawn or area of grass has a reasonably even top surface a rear roller rotary machine will be fine. The surface needs to be even to prevent the rear-roller wobbling from side to side, so endeavour to check for tree roots or drain covers that may be hidden away; gentle undulations and slopes will not cause a problem. Generally speaking, the smaller the lawn, the smaller the lawnmower needed to maintain it, remembering that tight corners and awkward landscaping will call for extra manoeuvrability. A flat, even lawn of no more than a tennis court in size is the ideal territory for a small 16' petrol rear-roller machine
At this point we must stress one great advantage that rear-roller lawnmowers have over standard 4-wheel rotary machines; their ability to mow right up to the edges of flowerbeds and borders. The front wheels are inset from the outer deck and rear roller, allowing the roller to support the lawnmower when the front wheels are in line with the border edge, however large the machine may be. If you own a medium to large-sized garden, maybe up to a tennis court in size, a lawn mower with a 19' cutting width will be a fine choice.
For the commercial user or owner of particularly large areas of grass where a formal finish is desired, both 19' and 21' rear roller rotary mowers will be suitable. Driven by powerful petrol engines, they offer top quality performance over large areas, with the commercial machines in particular providing extremely reliable and rugged service over long periods of time. However, these lawnmowers are usually large and heavy, with manoeuvrability often compromised in favour of durability. You need to be physically fit and strong to use these machines properly!
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