How to choose a chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-23
Logging has begun in modern times. With the changes of different eras, people's logging efficiency has become faster and faster, from the axe and saw to the chainsaw and chain saw. This is undoubtedly a grand improvement. The chain saws on the market can be said to be a fireworks mess, I don't know how to choose. Common types of saws are hand saws, electric saws, chain saws, etc. Low cost, of course, think about buying a hand saw, or even an axe, but if the task is large, the hand saw can not meet the demand, you must choose a chainsaw and a chain saw. The chainsaw is undoubtedly rechargeable. This has a certain regional nature. The chainsaw burns gasoline. This can be carried to the wild for tasks. The power of the chainsaw is relatively small due to charging, and it is generally used to cut wood with a small diameter or template. Because the chain saw uses gasoline, it has great power and full horsepower, and can cut trees with large diameters. Because of the difference between gasoline and electricity and the selling price of the machine itself, the power saw has a lower cost than the chain saw. How to buy chain saw: 1. Choose according to the chain saw classification According to the engine power, it can be divided into large, medium, small and micro. Large ones above 4.4 kilowatts; medium ones between 3 and 4 kilowatts; small ones between 1 and 2 kilowatts; and miniatures below 1.5 kilowatts. According to the type of saw handle, it can be divided into two types: high chain saw and short chain saw. The high-weight chain saw has an even weight distribution on both arms, it is convenient to carry, no large bending is required during operation, and the maintenance of the machine is simple; the low-profile chain saw has a compact structure, light weight, and low vibration during operation, which is suitable for stopping in mountain forests Comprehensive cooperative industries such as logging, pruning, and timber making. 2. Choose according to the shape of the saw chain There are two types of saw chains: straight tooth type and angle steel type (universal type). Straight-tooth saw chains are suitable for cross-cutting wood; angle-steel saw chains can stop cross-cutting or diagonal sawing of wood. It is easy to manufacture, and file filing is also simpler than straight-tooth saw chains. The wood-insertion teeth are the supporting points of the chain saw when sawing wood. It applies part of the weight of the chain saw and the reaction force when the saw chain is cutting wood to the wood itself, thereby increasing the rest strength of the operator. For easy operation, the chain saw is also provided with a manipulation device including a saw handle.
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