How To Avoid The Dangers Associated With Using A Lawnmower

by:Jiali     2020-07-30
Have you ever thought that pulling your old lawnmower out on a Saturday afternoon and giving your front and backyards a trim was dangerous? Of course not, what could possibly go wrong? The reality of the situation is that there are actually a number of dangers associated with lawnmower use and, if you're not careful, you or someone you know could easily fall victim to one of them.
So, what are some of the dangers that you face when cutting your grass?
Petrol Lawnmowers
You are exposing yourself and those around you to large amounts of chemicals that have been linked to some cancers.
These machines produce carcinogens, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, hydrocarbons and smoke particles that infest our lungs.
You are subjected to electric shocks should you touch the wrong part of the machine or if it is shorted out. The power cords become a tripping hazard for those walking around the yard, as well as possibly being run over.
Ride On Lawnmowers
Your hands and feet can get dragged into the cutting mechanism if you touch the wrong part of the mower. When driving up or down hill, these mowers are known to tip over on top of the rider, resulting in sprains and bruises.
Pushing a lawnmower can increase the strain on your lower back and cause severe back injuries.
So, how can you avoid these dangers?
Make sure that you stretch before getting your lawnmower out of the shed, and be sure to maintain a good posture as you walk around. Never pull your mower, such as up a hill or into the shed - you should only ever push it to reduce the chances of back injuries. Give your lawnmower a thorough check over fairly regularly (every few weeks) and have it serviced at least once a year. Whenever you need to move the mower without cutting the grass or if you're leaving it unattended, turn the engine off. Try to cut your front and backyards regularly, as this minimises the grass build up beneath your lawnmower and lowers the risk of hidden hazards.
This article is not supposed to scare you into leaving your lawnmower in storage and allowing your grass to grow to huge heights - it is just important to be aware of all the dangers associated with mowing the lawn so that you can prevent them from occurring wherever possible.
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