How to adjust the throttle of the chain saw?

by:Jiali     2020-06-23
Many people have encountered these and other problems in the process of using the chain saw. I don’t know how to solve it quickly. Today, I will give you some questions about the problems that the chain saw may encounter during the use. ,in case the emergency. How to adjust the big throttle of chain saw? 1. Air leakage (crankshaft oil seal, cylinder gasket, throat pipe, etc.). 2. The carburetor is not adjusted properly, combined with L needle and T needle to readjust. 3. Pull cylinder (can only be replaced). When the saw is sawing wood, the reason why the throttle will be turned off when the throttle is increased 1. Check whether the damper is open. 2. Check whether the air filter is clean. 3. After the flame is turned off, see if there is not much oil on the spark plug. The oil can be thrown down is the problem of the carburetor. Check the oil supply first, and there is no oil leakage or gas leakage in the oil circuit. 4. If you can stay at a low speed, just stop the gas as soon as the throttle is turned on, which is a compression problem. There may be a gap between the pistons of the cylinder or the gasket on the cylinder is leaking. In this case, you can only go to the repair station for inspection. Afterburner chain saws are of high quality, easy to use and durable, you are welcome to buy them.
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