How does the chain saw save fuel

by:Jiali     2020-06-24
Selection of chain saw fuel and chain oil 1. How to choose the fuel of chain saw and chain saw oil? Generally, unleaded gasoline above 90# is mixed with Krip special two-stroke engine oil. Chain saw chain oil basically uses SAE'10W-30 motor oil. If divided by season, SAE'10W-40 is used in summer and SAE'10w-20 is used in winter. It is recommended to use special oil for you, which can better protect the smooth operation of the chain saw, extend the service life of the machine, and reduce the probability of pulling the cylinder. When the gasoline engine mixing ratio reaches 25:1, two-stroke special engine oil must be used. 2. How to save fuel by chain saw? 1. Light chain saws (displacement below 78) are more fuel-efficient than heavy chain saws (displacement above 78). 2. How to save fuel by the new chain saw. Choose a good carburetor, under the same conditions, the oil consumption of the chain saw is high, adjust the carburetor or change the carburetor. 3. How to save fuel by the old chain saw. Generally, first check whether the gasoline filter and air filter are dirty, or the chain is not sharp enough, or the cylinder may be thin and slightly worn. Regardless of whether it is for the fuel saving of the chain saw or the use of oil, special attention must be paid to selecting the correct oil and adding the appropriate amount of oil according to the requirements. Correct operation can work better. If you have any questions about the use of chain saws, please consult us.
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