Hazard of chain saw full of oil

by:Jiali     2020-06-24
When the chain saw engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and a high-speed relative motion occurs. With the relative motion, the surface of the part must generate friction and accelerate wear. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, and extend service life, a lubrication system must be provided on the engine. The oil pump assembly of the chain saw is a large part of the lubrication system of the two-stroke chain saw. It provides oil to the high-speed chains and guide plates to prevent excessive heat from friction during operation, resulting in excessive temperature of the chain guide plates and reduced working efficiency. It includes oil pump, oil pipe, oil filter, check valve and so on. Chain saw fuel supply system includes fuel tank, filter, fuel pipe, carburetor, etc. The carburetor is the core component of a two-stroke internal combustion engine. It uses the pressure difference generated by the crankcase to pump fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor and spray it from the fuel metering hole. The Venturi effect is used to fully atomize the fuel. Adjust the ratio of fuel and air to improve combustion efficiency. Hazard of chain saw full of oil When refueling a chain saw, some people find it troublesome. They often refuel it too much at a time, which is not good for the chain saw itself. The chain saw has a standard for refueling, not as much as possible. After the engine of the chain saw works, the gasoline will be heated and expanded, plus mechanical vibration. If the fuel tank is overfilled, the gasoline will overflow from the fuel tank cap, which is a waste of fuel and a fire hazard. Therefore, it can only be added to about 90% of the tank volume. When too much oil is added to the oil pan, many chain saw brand oils will enter the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, which not only increases the oil consumption, but also easily causes flying accidents. In addition, too much oil will increase the resistance of the connecting rod and crankshaft and increase power consumption. Therefore, the oil in the oil pan should be added between the upper and lower score lines of the oil dipstick. The oil in the air filter disk of the chain saw should be added to the scored position. If it is added too much, the oil will be sucked into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, which is easy to cause carbon deposits and cause an oil accident. The inner cavity of the chain saw wheel hub is larger, mainly for heat dissipation. If the wheel hub is filled with grease when installing the rolling bearing, it not only increases the running resistance, but also affects the braking efficiency because the grease becomes thinner due to heat. Therefore, it is only necessary to apply some grease to the rolling bearings to maintain the 'empty hub lubrication'. Replenishing the chain saw with oil maps saves trouble, but it will be counterproductive. Keep in mind that trouble is often the source of trouble.
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