Having an Automatic Lawnmower May Prevent the

by:Jiali     2020-07-15
If you know anyone thinking of moving house to downsize because their lawn is too large please tell them about the automatic lawnmower. It is usually the lawns that present the problem. It takes a lot of energy to push even a powered lawnmower and many older people find lawn upkeep a chore beyond their capabilities. I have had one of these robots cutting my lawn for three summers and cannot believe how much extra time I have for other activities - and I do not get back ache any more from all the pushing and pulling that the old type mower needed.
By having an automatic lawn mower, the garden really can be a much less time and energy consuming activity. Older people are probably happy with the size of the house; after all the family need bedrooms when they come to stay, but the garden, and particularly the lawn is often too much to cope with. An afternoon mowing is sometimes the last straw which prompts the idea of downsizing. If they knew of a way to get the lawn cut automatically the spectre of a move might never crop up.
The robotic mower cuts the lawn by itself once installed. The lawn will always be pristine - short and green even in winter. There will be no fertiliser to spread as the lawn clippings that the robot cuts are so small that they fall into the grass and provide nutrients for the lawn. There will be no heaps of rotting grass either.
An automatic lawnmower is just that - completely automatic. A wire is laid, by a trained technician if wanted, or by an able bodied person, and it grows in to become invisible, making an enclosed area for the robot mower to move within.
The lawn size could even be increased which sounds illogical but the larger automatic lawnmower would quite happily cut up to 4 acres if need be. The whole garden could be all lawn with just trees. The size of the robot needed would depend on how much of the garden was made into lawn.
It is accepted that moving house is one of the most stressful events on a par with getting a divorce! An automatic lawn mower may not prevent the latter but this robot can certainly make the former unnecessary if the only reason for a move is that the lawn needs mowing.
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