Give Your Garden Machinery Some TLC and Save Money

by:Jiali     2020-08-02
Most of us will think nothing about getting our car serviced once a year. We know that despite the additional cost it makes sense and that our vehicle will last longer with fewer problems when we do. Why then, do we not think the same when it comes to other mechanical products we own? Some may argue that in the case of our garden machinery which is often quite expensive to buy, we should look after it at least as well as we do our cars.
Lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws and blowers each get quite a bit of use at different times of the year, but also spend a lot of their time dormant at the back of the garden shed. For example, our lawnmowers get used weekly throughout Spring and Summer (sometimes more often than that), but when Autumn and Winter come around and the grass stops growing, we simply put them away and forget about them until next year. This could be an expensive mistake! Any piece of machinery that spends long periods of time without being used is more likely to develop faults and problems.
When Spring returns after a long Winter, and the grass begins to grow again, we will dig out the mower from the shed and expect it to work as well as it did at the end of the previous season. Like a child who is awakened from a night's sleep too early, the lawnmower will often cough, splutter and complain. If we cannot get it to work properly, we will chalk it up to experience and pop down to the local shop or garden centre and buy ourselves a brand new, shiny one to replace it.
In these harsh economic times it makes more sense to ensure that our equipment is more likely to work when we need it to, and the small extra cost of a service will keep it running for another year without the hassle of trying to fix it ourselves or in the worst case, having to replace it.
Treated well we can expect a good quality lawnmower to last for between 10 and 20 years, which has to be cheaper than ignoring the issue and buying a new one every couple of years.
Take the time to look at the issue from a longer term perspective and you will see that just like your beloved car, your garden machinery will also benefit from regular servicing, and it will also save you money. Your lawnmower will thank you for it!
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