Get Your Grass Cut - Fast!

by:Jiali     2020-07-16
On the first of this month, American lawnmower enthusiast Bobby Cleveland beat his British rival Don Wales and set a new world record for highest speed of a functional lawnmower at 96.5mph. The previous record was 80.8mph.
Unless you have a runway to mow, there's not much point in travelling as quickly as that. But, it does raise a question about speed, more specifically - what lawn mower is the best choice to help you cut your grass as efficiently as possible?
Unfortunately there's no clear cut answer to this. A lot depends on what you want from your lawn, the size of your garden and the budget you have. But, if you have a large area you wish to cover the obvious answer is a ride on mower.
For years, ride on lawnmowers were seen as only being viable for the most affluent homes. But, with many options to choose from, beginning just a fraction more expensive than a high-end upright mower perhaps you can remove some of the labour involved in maintaining an immaculate lawn.
Ride on mowers aren't just a quick and comfortable way of keeping your grass short, they're also a lot of fun and give a professional touch to your grass. Not only that, they generally have a much larger capacity for cut grass, therefore requiring fewer trips to the compost heap.
So, if you want the job done well without the hassle and in as little time as possible why not invest in a ride on mower. But be careful - if you speed too much you may miss your borders!
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