Garden Machinery Equipment-Common Problems and

by:Jiali     2020-06-24
There are many types of garden machinery and equipment, such as: chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, ground drills, etc. Among these garden machinery equipment, the chain saw is the most commonly used mechanical equipment. In the process of using the chain saw, due to the influence of objective factors or human factors, the chain saw often has some failures. Species: 1. The engine is not easy to start The engine is difficult to start, and is mostly related to steam, oil and electricity. To find the cause of the problem, it is necessary to consider from these three aspects: First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the spark discharge effect of the spark plug is not ideal. If this is the case, the gap of the spark plug should be adjusted, or a new spark plug should be replaced; Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether the ignition caused by the magneto is incorrect. If this is the reason, the engine must be readjusted; Finally, it is necessary to consider whether it is due to the use of substandard gasoline, or the gasoline is not pure enough to cause difficulties in starting the engine. If this is the case, then the gasoline should be replaced. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the air filter is clogged due to the air filter, and if this is the case, the air filter should be cleaned. Second, do not pay attention to chain saw maintenance 1. The oil tank is well sealed, the oil passage is unblocked, and the ratio of mixed oil is reasonable. The fuel mixing ratio of Krip oil chain saw: 25:1 (standard gasoline above 93# 25: Mobil two-stroke engine oil 1) 2. Overhaul the air filter, spark plug, carburetor, guide plate and other components once a month to ensure no failure. 3. The movement and combustion chamber are cleaned every six months, and the parts are repaired once a month to ensure that they are in a normal state. 4. Point hunger inspection: check once before each use to ensure that the line is intact, the power supply and the post-load are normal, and the high-voltage coil is not aging. 5. Maintenance of the fuselage: the surface of the fuselage should be lustrous without mechanical damage, and the rusted place should be derusted and painted. 6. Chain: If the chain saw is not to be used for a long time, wash the chain with a brush and store it in the oil pool. 3. Other common problems 1. The engine emits black smoke mainly due to impure gasoline, excessive oil, and abnormal carburetor; 2. The engine power is insufficient, the main reason is that the damper is not opened, the throttle line is not used, and the exhaust pipe is blocked; 3. The engine starts to rebound, the main reason is too much oil, the valve clearance is not equal; 4. There is no water from the gasoline engine water pump, because the water seal is aging, the internal impeller is damaged, and the pump casing is broken; 5. The engine can not be turned off, because the flameout switch is damaged, the ignition coil circuit has problems, etc.; 4. Precautions for using garden machinery In order to ensure the safety of garden machinery and avoid the occurrence of operation accidents. When using garden machinery, remember not to fatigue. The correct measures should be taken to prevent fatigue and ensure the safety of the operation process: 1. Establish self-protection awareness, strengthen self-management of life, and ensure adequate sleep. 2. In order to ensure sufficient energy, the machine should be shut down for 5-10 minutes after every 2 hours of operation, and should be rested for about 1 hour after continuous operation for nearly 5 hours. The operation time within one day should not exceed 8 hours. 3. Scrub with cold towels when you are tired, and blow a cool breeze when you get off the machine. Take a deep breath when you yawn or do stretching exercises when you get off the machine. 4. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking when you are tired. It is strictly forbidden to take medicine with hypnotic properties or drink refreshing beverages such as strong tea or coffee. Chainsaws are mainly used for the shaping and branching of seedlings such as shrubs and flower clusters, as well as the cutting of smaller seedlings. The equipment is light, easy to operate and maintain, everyone should follow the instructions in the use and maintenance of the chain saw, and don't ignore it! Regarding the problems of the above chain saws, we know that no matter what kind of garden machinery is used, when there is a problem with the mechanical equipment, we must further find the cause of the problem and find a solution to solve the problem, so that the garden machinery Be able to operate normally.
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