Garden Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

by:Jiali     2020-08-05
Leaf blowers and garden vacuums are handy tools for making light work of clearing leaves and other debris from the garden. This is a look at the features of ten popular models.
The Ryobi OBL-1801 is a light hand-held cordless garden blower, powered by an 18v lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that charges in one hour. it is without a vacuum facility. It is one of Ryobi's One+ tools, which use the same battery pack and charger, and these may have to be bought separately. It weighs in at 1.8kg.
The Makita BUB 142Z is a one-handed 14.4v cordless blower with a variable speed trigger with a three stage air setting dial. It weighs 1.6kg.
The Flymo Twister 2500 is a two-handed, 2500w mains powered combined garden vacuum and leaf blower. The attached collector bag will hold 45L and it comes with a 10m electrical cable. It has a leaf shredding ratio of 10:1. It weighs 4.7kg.
The Handy 2500 Electric Garden Vacuum is another two-handed 2500w garden vacuum with a 10:1 waste reduction ratio. It comes with a shoulder strap and a 35L collection bag. It weighs in at 4.2kg.
The Fairtools FL2500 is a two-handed combined blower and vacuum with 2500w of power with adjustable strength of vacuum and two blower speeds and feature waste volume reduction. The cloth waste bag will hold 45L. It comes with a nylon shoulder strap and will may need a power socket adaptor, which may be supplied free by some retailers.
The Flymo Garden Vac Blower Turbo is a 2700w combined blower and vacuum. It has a 3:1 debris reduction ratio with a 40L collection bag. Comes with 12m of electrical cable.
The Ryobi RBV 2800S is a 2000w garden vacuum and leaf blower which features telescopic tubes for easy storage with a mulching ratio reduction of 15:1 with waste collected in a 45L bag. It comes with 10 of electrical cable and a shoulder strap. It weighs in at 5.5kg.
The Black & Decker GW2200 is a two speed, 2200w combined blower and vacuum with a mulching ratio of 10:1. It features a wet leaf scraper attachment, two tubes, one for vacuum and one for blowing, a 35L collection bag and a carry strap. It weighs 6kg.
The Flymo Scirocco is a 2500w blow and vacuum with a shredding ratio of 10:1 and a collection bag capacity of 45kg. It weighs 5.2kg.
The Draper 45543 is a 2200w blower and vacuum. The combined vacuum/blower tube features a front support wheel for lighter working, and an adjustable. The mulching ratio is 10:1 and the collection bag holds 45L. The machine weighs 5.3kg.
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