Frequently asked questions about chain saw use

by:Jiali     2020-06-28
1. What is the reason why the chain saw spark plug is always bad? Mainly caused by too strong explosive force, it is recommended to replace the best spark plug. One is that there may be a quality problem of the spark plug, and at the same time confirm that the model is correct; The second is that the engine oil is too poor or the proportion is heavy, the spark plug is easy to accumulate carbon, and it will become non-combustible. The waste spark plug can be washed out and then tested again. If it can, it is the second case. 2. The spark plug of the chain saw is full of oil, what should I do if it cannot start? One is that the damper is not well controlled. Pull out the damper lever (the damper is closed) when starting in the cold state. After pulling a few times, there is a blasting sound that pushes the damper forward and it can be started; The second is that if the spark plug is heavily immersed in oil, it means that the cylinder has been flooded. You need to shake the spark plug a few times and wipe it. Then plug the spark plug on the cylinder, pull out the oil several times, and then install it. Will be ready The third is that the machine can be replaced with a spark plug after a long time. If it still doesn't work, it is necessary to change the high-voltage package. 3. What is the direct reason why the spark plug on the chain saw is easy to deposit carbon and spark plug? Spark plug ignition does not affect combustion well, resulting in incomplete combustion and carbon deposition; In addition, whether the engine oil is increased, in general, the possibility of burning engine oil to cause carbon deposition is greater. 4. Why does the fuel cut out when the chain saw pulls? (1) Let's see if the damper is not open; (2) Let's see if the air filter is unclean; (3) After the flame is turned off, see if there is much oil on the spark plug, can it be thrown off? Can be thrown off, it is a problem with the carburetor; (4) Can you live at low speed? If you can stay at a low speed, just stop the gas as soon as the throttle is turned on, which is a compression problem. In this case, you have to go to the repair shop. There may be a gap between the pistons of the cylinder block, or the gasket on the cylinder block is leaking. 5. What should I do if the chain saw cannot be filled with oil? (1) Check whether the carburetor is adjusted too thin, and the adjustment method of the carburetor without the chain saw has a great influence. There will be a phenomenon of not adding oil when using, try loose pine oil needle. (2) Whether the chain saw is leaking, and the mechanical leak will also cause the chain saw to not be filled with oil when in use. (3) Check if the compression is normal, and then check the oil circuit and check whether the fuel tank filter head is too dirty. If it is too dirty, replace it with a new fuel tank filter head. (4) Whether the oil pipe is damaged, if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. (5) If the carburetor is too dirty, replace it directly. The Krip oil chain saws we produce are of high quality and stable performance, so you can use them with confidence. 6. Reasons for black smoke from chain saw (1) The combustible mixture is too rich. (2) There is too much oil in the engine fuel. (3) The seal of the piston ring or crankshaft oil seal is poor. (4) There is moisture in the fuel. (5) Poor spark plug. (6) The air cleaner is too dirty.
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