Find Out More About The Features Of A Echo Leaf Blower

by:Jiali     2020-08-08
Cleaning a yard full of leaves is the task every man loves to hate. But in this era of modern technology every thing has become simple and ridding your yard of leaves is not an uphill task any more. Among the modern tools available to get rid of leaves are leaf blowers and leaf vacuum collectors. A leaf blower utilizes a fan system for moving and gathering the leaves so that they can be easily collected in a bag.
The leaf blowers are a convenient way of collecting leaves but they had a drawback; they were too noisy. However with Echo Blowers this is not a problem anymore. They come in various models for residential use to commercial purposes. These leaf blowers are powerful enough to clear up your yard while keeping the noise level down.
The hand held Echo PB 251 blower is commonly used for residential purposes. It is powered by a 25.4 cc engine and produces an air speed of 145 miles per hour which pushes the leaves and other litter in your yard around. It starts easily and warms up swiftly and being light weight (just under 10 pounds) can be conveniently carried around. It does not produce many vibrations and you do not suffer from pain in the wrists and the forearm as well. The noise level is as low as 65 db which is quite acceptable. This Blower comes with a five year warranty.
Another model used in homes is Echo Prolite PB 260L back pack leaf blower. This leaf blower is also light and affordable. The light weight as well as padded backrest and shoulder straps make it easy to carry. The powerful 25.4 cc engine generates a blowing speed of 155 miles per hour; strong enough to round off small stones and wet leaves. It starts swiftly and practically makes no vibrations.
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