Fall Lawn Mower Maintenance

by:Jiali     2020-07-27
If there's one message we keep preaching it's that using the right equipment for the job increases the quality of lawn care your yard receives, but what keeps that equipment running at peak efficiency?
As solid as our product lines are there is always a certain amount of maintenance and management needed to keep the lawn mower, and related machines, in fine order and there's no better time than in the off-season.
Here's a few tips to keep that equipment running smoothly and to keep those lawns turning heads.
Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips
1.) Disconnect/Replace the Spark Plug: We don't want the machine to start accidentally in the middle of repairs so remove the spark plug. This is a great opportunity to check the spark plug for wear and tear. Replace if needed.
2.) Empty the Gas Tank: Fuel left in the engine block can go stale or even invite oxidation. Drain all the excess fuel from the engine and put it in gas can. Feel free to run the engine briefly after performing lawn mower maintenance to burn any gas left in the lines, after replacing the spark plug of course.
3.) Remove and Clean the Blades: Most machines, whether they are zero turn mowers or leaf blowers, have blades. They get dirty throughout the year and they could use a cleaning. Remove the blades and strip excess build ups of materials. This also allows better access, on some machines, for changing the oil and cleaning the undercarriages.
4.) Clean the Undercarriage: We've all seen the under side of a lawn tractor after cutting the grass. There's always a build up of organic material and that can turn into a substantial deposit after an entire season. Over time that material will harden so getting it out sooner is much easier than waiting until you have no other choice but a hammer. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
5.) Drain/Replace the Oil: We all know the importance of having clean oil running through our cars and lawn equipment is no different. Draining and replacing the oil once per season can add years to the life of your lawn equipment.
6.) Inspect/Change the Air Filter: Lawn machines deal with debris, that's what they are built for, so it stands to reason that they are constantly bombarded with all sizes and manner of particles. This makes air filtration extremely important. Nothing can kill an engine faster than poorly filtered air. Inspect your air filter regularly and change it if needed.
Even after applying these tips to your lawn equipment may need further lawn mower maintenance. If you require replacement parts please contact one of our dealers. We can help you keep your yard machines in tip-top shape.
Keep those mowers running and we'll see you on the grass in spring.
* Please take every safety precaution when working on motorized equipment. Use these tips at your own risk. ProPower Canada Inc. distributes this as information only and is not responsible for any injury or accident that occurs as a result of maintenance or repair work. Thank you, and be safe.*
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