Does 2 stroke bicycle motor kit have warranty period?
If you buy our 2 stroke bicycle motor kit , you also get warranty service, within a certain period. Different products come with different warranties. You can check it on the “Product” page on our website, or you could consult us. The warranty covers any defective parts due to poor workmanship or a manufacturer error. Within the warranty period, we offer return, replace, and repair services. Once the warranty expires, you have an option of taking on an extended warranty. It charges a certain amount of money, but affordable and worthy.

Nantong Jiali Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory is a highly competitive manufacturer and supplier of 48cc black bicycle engine kits. Nantong Jiali's 4 stroke bicycle engine kits series contains multiple sub-products. Nantong Jiali 4 stroke bike motor kit has been assessed in terms of raw materials. Materials that pose a threat to the overall jewelry design and construction are subject to evaluation to determine if the pieces can still be used or not. The product is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The product has been widely acknowledged by customers and plays an important role in the industry. With relatively light weight, it can reduce resistance in riding.

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