Disassembly and maintenance of spark plug of chain

by:Jiali     2020-06-25
The spark plug of the chain saw is the same as the commonly used automobile spark plug. The whole is divided into two parts according to the material: the insulator and the metal shell; according to the structure, it is divided into three parts: the central electrode, the steel body and the electrode, and the insulating ceramic core. The upper part of the steel body is made into a hexagon to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the wrench, and the lower part has threads, which can be screwed into the cylinder head. The metal casing is threaded for screwing into the cylinder; an insulator is installed in the casing, which penetrates a center electrode, and a connection nut on the upper end of the center electrode is connected to the high-voltage wire from the distribution board; A ground electrode is welded on the lower end surface, and there is a gap of 0.6-1.0 mm between the center electrode and the ground electrode. High-voltage electricity will burst into the ground through this gap and will ignite the mixed gas. spark plug function The spark plug of the chain saw is usually installed on the top of the middle cylinder, conducting the current from the high pressure bag, and guiding the mixed gas in the cylinder, which plays an important role in the engine work; it is under the influence of certain factors according to the gas (air) The principle of gas discharge that can be dissociated and become a conductor. The high voltage pulse generated by the ignition system of the gasoline engine is used to break the gap formed between the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug. When the gap is broken, due to ions and electrons The high-speed movement forms a high-temperature and hot ionization channel, and generates an arc spark, which ignites the compressed combustible gas in the combustion chamber of the gasoline engine, and the mixture burns and expands to complete the power stroke. The spark plug belongs to the terminal of the circuit, and it bears a large workload. One of the main functions of the chain saw accessories cannot be underestimated. Disassembly and maintenance of spark plug of chain saw There is a hexagonal mother in the spark plug ribs and insulating ceramics of the chain saw, which can be disassembled and assembled with a 19MM curved handle sleeve. Most chain saws are equipped with T-type three-use wrenches; because the chain saw uses mixed gasoline, the spark plug will Other spark plugs that use pure gasoline power are more likely to deposit carbon. The spark plug of the chain saw should be maintained frequently to ensure that the chain saw is working properly. Or harder metal objects scrape off the carbon deposits on the electrode, and avoid grilling directly with fire. Although this can remove the carbon deposits, it will cause problems with other parts of the chain saw spark plug and reduce the service life of the spark plug. . Removing the spark plug is as simple as using a 'spark plug sleeve' wrench. It is very important to install it. Never tighten the spark plug too tightly, which may damage the threads on the cylinder head, especially the aluminum cylinder head. When installing, hold the spark plug sleeve with your hand, tighten the spark plug, and then use a socket wrench to tighten 1/4 turn is enough. If the spark plug is not equipped with a gasket, but has a tapered mounting seat type, the steel body of the spark plug directly touches the cylinder body, so after hand-tightening, you can only use a wrench to screw in 1/16 turn to avoid causing the hurt. Chain saw spark plug gap and pole number There should be a 0.6-1.0 mm gap between the center electrode of the spark plug of the chain saw and the ground electrode. Although the more ground electrodes, the wider the conductive contact surface will be, but the carbon deposit of the chain saw is relatively uniform, so the number of poles will There is a certain difference, but it is almost negligible. In recent years, spark plugs with poles as a selling point have appeared in China and can be selected appropriately. A common symptom is that after working for a period of time, the flame suddenly dies, and then it can't be pulled. It can't be pulled after a period of time. This is the case after a period of time, and it is more frequent when the weather is hot. This is a common situation of high temperature flameout of chain saw. What should we do in this situation? First of all, we need to find out the reasons. The usual causes and solutions are as follows: 1. Ventilation problems. The main reason is that the crankcase and plastic parts are not well ventilated, which leads to the high temperature flameout caused by the poor ventilation of the carburetor parts. Solution: ventilation, such as adding an air shroud at the magnetic flywheel or opening the channel between the magnetic flywheel and the carburetor on the crankcase to increase the amount of ventilation, or replacing the upper cover and air filter of the box with better ventilation Cover kit. 2. The exhaust of the muffler is not smooth, resulting in high temperature. Solution: Clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger exhaust hole. (Note: The large number of holes does not necessarily mean that the rows are fast. The large double-hole holes on the market will be better than the three small holes). 3. Low temperature resistance of carburetor. Solution: increase the insulation paper pad, ventilate, clean or replace the carburetor. 4. The coil/high voltage package is not resistant to high temperature. Solution: replace directly. 5. Three parts of cylinder: At least one of the three parts of cylinder, piston and piston ring is not good. Solution: replace the oil saw sleeve cylinder. 6. The oil seal and negative pressure tube (balanced trachea) are not resistant to high temperature, which is manifested as air leakage when the temperature is high. Solution: replace the good quality oil seal and negative pressure tube (balanced trachea). is one of the most widely used and frequently used power tools among many garden machine products. Because it has very sharp teeth and is used for high-speed cutting of wood, strict safety precautions must be taken when using it. Any non-standard operation and untimely maintenance will form a certain hidden danger, and users need to pay attention to it.
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