Correctly install chain saw guide and chain

by:Jiali     2020-06-28
How to install chain saw guide and chain correctly? Because the blade of the chain saw chain is very sharp, in order to ensure safety, you must wear thick protective gloves when installing. Follow the 7 steps below to install the chain saw guide and chain correctly: 1. Pull the front bezel of the chain saw backward, make sure the brake is released. 2. Loosen and remove the two M8 nuts to remove the right side cover of the chain saw. 3. First install the chain saw guide plate on the main unit, then install the chain of the chain saw on the sprocket and guide plate guide groove, and pay attention to the direction of the chain saw teeth. 4. Properly adjust the tension screw located on the outside of the right side cover, referring to the blue line above, and align the tension pin with the guide pin hole. 5. Install the right side cover of the chain saw on the main unit, also referring to the blue line, insert the front bezel pin into the pin hole of the box, and then slightly tighten the two M8 nuts. 6. Lift the guide plate with the left hand, turn the tension screw with a screwdriver to the right, adjust the tightness of the chain properly, and check the tension of the chain by hand. When the strength of the hand reaches 15-20N, the standard distance between the chain and the guide plate is about 2mm. 7. Finally, tighten two M8 nuts, and then use both hands (wearing gloves) to turn the chain, check that the chain drive is smooth and the adjustment is complete; if it is not smooth, first check the cause and then adjust again in the above order; How to better wear down the chain cutter head on the chain saw? 1. First, increase the tension of the chain to make it firmly fixed on the guide plate. 2. Then maintain the correct angle from the front of the body according to the requirements of the round file, and keep pressing the file to rub the front. 3. Frequently rubbing the chain will reduce the cutting surface of the chain, insert the grooved rod into the chain, and flatten out the protruding part. 4. Finally, file the corners into a circular arc, so that the two-point height of the sawtooth is trimmed to 0.64-0.65mm.
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