Common problems of chain saw carburetor and how

by:Jiali     2020-06-25
We have already mentioned the problem of adjusting the carburetor of the chain saw. Today we mainly talk about other problems of the carburetor of the chain saw and how to choose the brand of chain saw. I think everyone thinks about a good chain saw, but so many brands don't know how to choose. Today I will give you an analysis. 1. The gasoline saw changed to a new carburetor and flooded the cylinder as soon as it was refueled? It may be that dirt is flowing into the carburetor when the oil saw is connected to the oil pipe or installed, and the needle valve is stuck, causing the oil level to be too high! Need to remove the carburetor for cleaning! Don't think that the new one does not need to be washed. A small hair and a small amount of debris in the tubing can cause the needle valve to fail. 2. What role does the negative pressure pipe on the chain saw carburetor play? The working principle of the chain saw carburetor is: When the oil bubble is pressed by hand, the air is discharged from the outlet of the oil-resistant rubber single-valve valve, returns to the oil tank, and then is discharged from the air outlet of the oil tank. At the same time, the rubber cover begins to recover and generates negative pressure. The rubber pie edge of the chamber is sucked in, the reed is compressed, the oil valve stem lifts the oil valve, then the gasoline starts to flow to the oil inlet pipe, the filter oil chamber is filtered into the quantitative chamber, and then shunted through the copper retaining ring single valve, part Atomized petrol appears in the idle speed adjustment hole and low speed adjustment hole controlled by the idle speed screw adjustment. The other part enters the main spray hole controlled by the high-speed screw adjustment, and more atomized gasoline may appear; when the choke is closed, the engine can be started. After the engine works, there is a return hole on the side of the carburetor pump oil chamber, which leads directly to the crankcase. When the crankshaft rotates once, due to the up and down movement of the piston, the gas in the piston enters and exits the return hole, which successively pushes the carburetor pump oil chamber The diaphragm vibrates. Due to the effect of the airflow, the flow rate of the oil inlet is accelerated, and the oil outlet speed is accelerated. At the same time, the vibration of the metering chamber diaphragm is also activated. The vibrating metering chamber diaphragm compresses the reed, and the carburetor starts to absorb oil, divert, and spray oil. 3. The gasoline saw cannot start after refueling. What is the reason that it can start after a while? There may be gas in the tubing! Don't run out of oil when you use it to know to refuel! 4. How to choose the brand of chain saw when buying chain saw? For different users, we often need to constantly measure and compare when selecting chain saws. We need to find chain saws with superior performance, guaranteed quality, and cost-effectiveness among chain saws of different models, types and brands. Among them, the brand is definitely an important standard worthy of every consumer. Although the diversity of chainsaws has brought us a wealth of choices as consumers, not every brand of chainsaws can provide high-quality products to meet the needs of many consumers from the perspective of their own needs. Service. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, a variety of advanced technologies and equipment are widely used in our daily life and production. Among them, chain saws have also been continuously improved and developed in the long-term development process. Progress, which has caused the favor and praise of many consumers. The current chain saw not only satisfies many consumers' needs in terms of performance, but also its wide application in logging and timber production has won a good reputation and evaluation from many users. Because of this, as more and more consumers have deepened their knowledge and understanding of chain saws, many users need to measure more and more criteria when choosing chain saws, and the reason why the brand can cause the majority of users The focus and attention is because it is the guarantee for the quality, performance and price of the chain saw, and it is also a guarantee for a chain saw manufacturer to build a good brand image.
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