Common failures and maintenance methods of lawn mowers

by:Jiali     2020-06-26
The lawn mower is a common tool for garden craftsmen. During use, it is inevitable to encounter various problems. When it is difficult to start the lawnmower, we must conduct a comprehensive analysis and investigation from the three aspects of oil, gas and electricity. Today we talk about several common faults and maintenance methods of lawn mowers. 1. It is difficult to start the mower engine, there may be the following reasons: a. No gasoline-the solution is to add gasoline. b. The spark plug wire is disconnected-the solution is to connect the spark plug wire. c. The throttle switch is not in the starting position-the solution is to adjust the pumping switch to the maximum d. The oil path is impassable-the solution is to clean the oil path. e. Ignition misalignment-solution to correct ignition timing. f. The spark plug is damaged-the solution is to replace the new spark plug. g. Use inferior or deteriorated gasoline-the solution is to choose the correct grade of gasoline. 2. Air filter clogging is also easy to cause difficulty in air intake and affect the start of the lawn mower. Therefore, the lawn mower should frequently clean or replace the air filter cleaner, use qualified gasoline, adjust the spark plug gap and the engine. 3. The pruning is uneven and there is no smoothing effect, usually because the blade is dull. Therefore, the blade of the lawn mower is usually polished once when it is used for ten days. The blade of the hob can extend the frequency of polishing to once every three months. 4. If the lawnmower trembles or violently vibrates during work, it may be that some hard objects are hit during the mowing process, causing the blade to curl and deform, which may cause vibration of the lawnmower. In addition, if the blade is worn top-heavy, the lawnmower will shake. Therefore, the blades of the lawn mower should be ground horizontally, and the conditions of the lawn should be paid attention to during the use, and hard objects should be avoided as much as possible. 5. When the brush cutter is working without strength and cannot cut the grass, it is necessary to change the clutch piece. 6. If the muffler of the lawn mower engine is smoky, it may be caused by the excessively large mixing ratio of the intake air combustion. At this time, the air filter must be cleaned or replaced with a new one. If the fault persists, the engine carburetor of the lawnmower must be cleaned and adjusted. Generally, only the excess oil needs to be drained and then run for ten minutes. If the fault still exists at this time, you need to find a service person to overhaul the engine. 7. When the mower starts, there is a rebound phenomenon in the rope, which is mainly due to the advance of the ignition time. In addition, it may also be caused by the blade hitting a hard object during the grass cutting process and cutting the flywheel key. 8. There are currently two oil supply methods for lawn mowers. One is a two-stroke lawn mower using mixed oil (95% gasoline plus 5% oil), and the other four-stroke lawn mower is burning pure gasoline and four-stroke mowing Lawn mowers often have to look at whether the oil has been reduced. If there is less, they must be filled with oil to protect the lawn mower. 9. In addition, everyone should pay attention to that the lawn mower must take a 10-minute break every two hours of work to prolong life. Finally, it reminds you that you want to reduce the occurrence of various failures and extend the life of the lawn mower. The most fundamental thing is to buy a high-quality lawn mower, and use and maintain the lawn mower reasonably according to the operating instructions.
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