Choosing The Perfect Lawnmower For Your Garden

by:Jiali     2020-07-28
Summer is on its way again and before for you know it your gardens grass will soon be growing quickly in the warmer weather. Whilst the summer brings quick growth back to your garden lawn it also provides the perfect opportunity to get it into tiptop shape for the season of barbeques and outdoor relaxing. However to make your lawn the envy of your neighbours you will need to have the right lawnmower that will help you shorten the time you spend mowing and more time relaxing in the sunshine.
There are a large number of different lawnmowers available and it is important to make a decision on what type of lawn mower would work best for you and your garden. There are four categories to choose from and the one you choose is purely down to your personal preference.
Petrol lawn mowers are brilliant for large gardens that have big lawns and will require something powerful and mobile to get the job done quickly and effectively. Petrol lawn mowers are generally quite powerful and are effective at cutting grass to a nice and even length. They do however take slightly more upkeep than their electric or cordless counterparts, and may be difficult for older people to use, as the majority require the use of a pull cord to get the engine started.
Electric mowers are effective, efficient and very easy to use however they do require a power outlet and have a cord that must be well looked after to avoid any potential damage to the cord by catching it underneath the mower. This can make electric lawnmowers more suited to smaller and medium sized gardens, however they generally shine through on lightness, ease of pushing and use, and are often very competitively priced. If you choose to invest in an electric mower it is recommended that you invest in a circuit breaker to ensure safety when using.
Cordless mowers rely upon a battery power source in order to operate their blades. These are somewhat similar to electric mowers but do not have the sometimes annoying attachment of the electricity cord. They can weigh heavier that there electric counterpart due to need to carry the battery for power. Other considerations should be that you will need to regular charge the battery using a power source before its use, but these lawnmowers are generally very good for mid sized gardens and for people who may have difficult with electric lawn mowers.
The final option is a push reel mower. This is the traditional form of lawnmower and whilst this may not be effective as its powered counterparts it can still do the job without the need for petrol or electricity making It a very green tool. This is generally better for smaller gardens as it can take longer to get the cut you want, but they can be great fun to use and highly recommended for people who have green credentials and plenty of time.
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