Choosing and Using a Brush Cutter

by:Jiali     2020-04-22
A quality brush cutter is a valuable asset to any home gardener. They are very effective for cutting back overgrown shrubs, tall grass and unwanted tree saplings. There are many different types of cutters available on the market today. Choosing the correct one for the gardening job you need, will help reduce time spent cutting back your garden. Hand held garden trimmers are one of the options available. These usually have head attachments that can be changed in and out for different cutting jobs. Saw blades and replaceable plastic blade attachments last longer than models with a trimming string. Brush cutters with curved shafts are perfect for trimming back the edges of a lawn, but straight shafted models usually have more durability. Brush cutters, used for cutting back unwanted shrubs and undergrowth or brush, are generally petrol powered and use either two stroke or four stroke petrol. The technical difference between two stroke and four stroke petrol engines is that in a four stroke engine, the process of turning fuel into motion energy takes four stages: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. In a two stroke engine, this process is reduced down to two stages, thus providing a higher conversion of fuel to power. It also generally uses fewer moving parts, which means fewer parts to maintain or replace when worn out. However, the disadvantage of using two stroke fuel is that it is no longer readily available to buy and requires the user to mix up their own supply of two stroke fuel through combining petrol and oil in a specific ratio. Brush cutters can be used all year round and in any climate. They are ideal for use on lawn edges, fence rows, hedges and planted beds. They can even be used to take down thick stemmed weeds. A brush cutter has a straight shaft and a rotating cutting blade. The material the blade is made of indicates what garden material it is best suited to cutting. Metal serrated blades are perfect for thick woody material and stems, while plastic blades are better suited to cutting back grasses. There are some tips you should follow when using a brush cutter in your garden. Rotating cutting tools like these can throw up debris, and can cut a user if not used carefully. Safety goggles should be worn at any time the cutter is turned on as left over material caught in the blade can be thrown up when the machine is started. Always make sure to study the manual that comes with your model to ensure it is being used safely and on the right material. Hold the cutter with both hands when in use and keep a firm grip on the handle so the machine is controlled at all times. Before use, check that the cutting blade is fitted tightly and if loosened, tighten it up before switching on the machine. Replace blades as needed to ensure a sharp cutting surface, this will make cutting faster and less physically strenuous.
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