Chainsaw Sharpeners - Is It Worth Buying Online?

by:Jiali     2020-04-14
A chain saw sharpener is a real asset. There are several different types to choose from depending on how much you use your saw and whether you want to sharpen the saw yourself or just touch it up a little between professional sharpening. I'll tell you about the sharpeners available and how you can get one for the best price online. The last time I took my chain saw to the shop to be sharpened I was cutting down a huge old diseased apple tree in my yard. My trusty poulon couldn't cope with the bigger branches or trunk. The saw wasn't faulty, it wouldn't cut because the chain was too blunt. Instead of cutting into the wood without much effort I had to push the saw into the wood. My saw was making chips that were like sawdust. I know chainsaws are dangerous when the chain gets dull so I head over to my local dealer. At first It seems like a great idea to take your saw to your dealer for sharpening. They can get the blades and depth guides back in shape. But it does work out expensive, especially as most dealers will grind off around 2mm of metal when they sharpen a chain. More than is really needed and before you know it you need a new chain. There are a few different kinds of chain saw sharpener available, there are small portable and bar mounted ones. Some that are little more than file guides. These are OK to keep your saw sharp enough to keep going or out in the field. For best results a bench mounted sharpener will speed up the process and you'll be able to sharpen like a pro without the expense. Finding great deals You may look online to avoid the hassle of going from one store to another only to find they don't stock what you're looking for or the prices are too high. And it's true that there are good discounts to be found from internet retailers, especially if they can provide free shipping. Finding the best deals is time consuming, but the work has been done for you.
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