Chainsaw Sharpener - Keep it Sharp, Make it Last

by:Jiali     2020-04-12
If you use your chainsaw often for things like cutting down trees, then you are likely need of a chainsaw sharpener. Just like with any other type of blade on a saw, the blades on a chainsaw need to be sharpened every so often to continue to cut effectively. If you have never replaced or sharpened your blade, then you probably have no idea how much efficiency has been lost. Sharpening the blade on any saw, or even knife, can make the process go along more smoothly and more quickly. Sawing is messy business, especially since debris and splinters are flying everywhere. You should be wearing a pair of gloves and a long-sleeved shirt, but the debris is still going to relentlessly stick to you and be an irritation. A chain saw sharpener effectively sharpens the blades so that they last longer and the jobs you take on will take less time. There are a few chainsaw sharpener varieties out there, each one more specialized and useful than the last. There are hand-held varieties that are very simple in that they are not mechanical at all. You simply run them along the blades to get them sharpened. This style takes some practice as you need to be able to angle the sharpener properly to get a good result, but it is also portable and can be easily taken right to a job site. The other style is common and easier to use, is a mount sharpener. These are mounted to a table and easily used. They simply sharpen the blades with little to no effort on your part. These are obviously more expensive than the do-it-yourself sharpener style, but they are the most efficient for regular usage at a company or a prolonged job site that requires chain saw usage. A sharpener should be near the chainsaw in use at all times so the user can sharpen when needed. It does not take long for the blades to wear down on a chainsaw, especially if you are sawing something other than wood. The blades should be sharpened to the point where there is little to no effort on your part when using the chainsaw to minimize the speed at which you get tired. Almost all accidents with a chain saw occur because the user is tried -- avoid this by keeping the blades sharp and using minimal effort to push it along. Besides the two styles named above, there are a few other types of chainsaw sharpener available. These are far less common, but they can sometimes be more affordable. Be sure to check with your local hardware store as to which model and types they recommend to get the most out of your money.
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