Chainsaw purchase guide

by:Jiali     2020-06-26
Chainsaws are portable saws powered by gasoline engines. They are mainly used for logging and timber. Chainsaws are a type of demolition equipment. They can be divided into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws, and concrete chain saws according to their functions and driving methods. . What chain saw is good? What brand of chainsaw is good? How to choose a chain saw? 1. Choose according to the chain saw classification: According to the engine power, it can be divided into large, medium, small and micro: large ones above 4.4 kilowatts; medium ones from 3 to 4 kilowatts; small ones from 1 to 2 kilowatts; and miniatures below 1.5 kilowatts. According to the type of saw handle, it can be divided into two types: high chain saw and short chain saw. The high-weight chain saw has an even weight distribution on both arms, which is convenient to carry, does not require a large bend in operation, and the maintenance of the tool is simple; the low-profile chain saw has a compact structure, light weight, and low vibration during operation, which is suitable for stopping in mountainous forest areas Comprehensive cooperative industries such as logging, pruning, and timber making. 2. Choose according to the shape of the saw chain: There are two types of saw chains: straight tooth type and angle steel type (universal type). Straight tooth type saw chain is suitable for cross-section of wood; angle steel type saw chain can stop cross-cutting or oblique sawing of wood. It is easy to manufacture and relatively easy to file. Straight-tooth saw chain is simple, and it is a widely used saw chain type. The wood insert is the support point of the chain saw when sawing wood. It applies the local component of the chain saw and the reaction force of the saw chain when cutting the wood to the wood itself, thereby increasing the rest strength of the operator. For ease of operation, the chain saw also has a manipulative installation including a saw handle. 3. Choose according to budget: Of course, the cost is low, think about buying a hand saw, or even an axe, but if the task is large, the hand saw can not meet the demand, you must choose a chain saw and a chain saw. The chain saw is undoubtedly rechargeable. This has a certain regional nature. The chainsaw burns gasoline. This can be carried to the wild for tasks. Due to the reason of charging, the power saw is relatively small in power. It is generally used to cut wood with a small diameter or a template. Because the chain saw uses gasoline, it has great power and full horsepower, and can cut trees with large diameters. Due to the difference in gasoline and electricity and the selling price of the machine itself, the power saw has a lower cost than the chain saw. 4. Choose according to specifications: When you have gone through the above explanations and want to understand the time to buy a chain saw, start thinking about the specifications of the chain saw. The specifications of domestic chain saws are 38mm, 43mm, 45mm, 46mm, 48mm, etc. from the cylinder; the models are generally 3200, 3700, 4500, 5200, 5800, 6200, 10500 and so on. The 3200 and 3700 are mainly positioned on small chain saws for pruning small branches. 4500, 5200, 5800, 6200 are medium-sized chain saws. The international civil use is more than 5800 and 6200, so there are no special uses and requirements, and many stores now indirectly recommend 5,800 models. 5. Choose according to brand and price After choosing the chain saw model, consumers must be concerned about the price of the chain saw. At present, the prices of international chain saws vary greatly, some of them are three or four hundred, some are seven or eight hundred, and some are thousands. We interviewed a lot of consumers on the practice of using some chain saws. Many Yongkang brands in the market, the chain saw broke in a few days, and the service life is not long. Of course, this eliminates the improper use of consumers. The quality of the chain saw itself is much higher than that of the chain saw should be damaged by grinding. Many of them are made indirectly by small workshops and indirectly picked up with a screw. There is basically no guarantee. Don't be greedy for big losses. Chain saw brands are mainly divided into export and domestic production, which can be seen in the budget.
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