Chainsaw logging skills:

by:Jiali     2020-06-27
Pay attention to some logging techniques when logging with a chain saw, which can better and more efficiently complete the operation. When using the chain saw, be sure to hold the chain saw with both hands and the right hand to grasp the front handle. This should be the case even for the left-handed person. When doing the initial work, open the chain saw throttle to the maximum, and then It is clamp clamping; clamp clamping is very important! Otherwise, the chain saw will pull people back. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment, calm and sober tasks; when working on slopes, users must stand on the upper part of the tree trunk or front. Pay attention to the rolling of the trees, and avoid the risk of tripping by stumps, branches, and ditches. Be careful when sawing debris trees. The pieces of wood that are split with sawing can cause danger; special attention should be paid to the In the natural incline direction, the branches are particularly lush, pay attention to the wind direction and wind force, and do not log when the wind is too strong; there must be a 2.5-fold interval between the felled trees between tasks to ensure that logging does not endanger the safety of others. Knowledge extension-how does logging control the direction of tree fall? In order to improve the operating efficiency of the chain saw, it is necessary to understand how to correctly determine and grasp the direction of the tree. The main reason for judging a tree's natural backward direction is to see whether the tree's required backward direction is consistent with the natural backward direction, and what method is adopted to control the backward direction of the tree. When a lumberjack is using a chain saw to cut wood, he can make a round around the standing tree, leaning his back against the trunk, looking up with his head upward. According to the size of the tree, the bending position and level of the trunk, and the direction of the canopy, etc., the natural direction of the tree can be judged. According to a small amount of experience, a few trees on the sunny slopes and steep slopes fell downhill; a few trees on the sloped slopes fell uphill, and more trees in the flat area were more upright. Bending trees, if the bending level is small, the position is low, and the crown is large, generally look at the treetops, and determine the natural backward direction according to the direction of the canopy's focus; if the bending level is large, the position is high, according to the largest side of the trunk bending or the center of gravity deviates The serious side is to judge the natural backward direction of the tree. After the judgment of the natural backward direction of the tree, according to the actual logging requirements, further measures are taken to correctly control the backward direction of the tree. The tree falling direction is mainly controlled by opening the hawthorn, namely sawing the hawthorn and sawing the hawthorn. The mouth of Hawthorn should be in the right direction of the tree, and the mouth should be aligned. The depth of Hawthorn should be 1/4 to 3/1 of the diameter of the stump. On the side with more strings, due to the greater tension, the tree will tend to fall on the side with more strings, so the string must be accurate. For large and medium-sized trees, both left and right strings must be left. The strength of the sapwood of the tree is large, the pulling force is large, and the stay string is left on both sides. The smaller the tree core is, the better. However, when cutting middle and small diameter trees, stop sawing through the tree core to prevent breaking the guide plate of the chain saw. In order to avoid logging and mixing, before the tree gets up, you must slow down the remaining strings. If the tree is required to fall to the front, slow down the remaining strings on both sides at the same time; if you fall to the left by the direction, you can slow down to cut the right string, and to the right, you need to slow down to cut the left string. The tree should fall in the direction of the skid, so that it should be 30-45 degrees from the skid. 'Open the hawthorn to be correct, stay string to be accurate, be careful to be small, and to fall down quickly.' 'Positive, accurate, small and fast' are the four main elements of mastering the backward direction when using a chain saw for logging. When choosing the reverse direction of the tree, try to avoid being hit by the felled trunk or hitting the young tree or retaining the tree. It is necessary to avoid felling and felling of trees in Hengshan Mountains, and do not allow felling and felling trees to overlap and overlap, which causes difficulties in pruning and skidding operations. The inverting direction selected in the tree is inconsistent with the natural inverting direction of the tree, and you can “borrow” when logging. The angle of 'borrowing' is generally more appropriate within the range of 90 degrees, but the most effective within 45 degrees.
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