Chainsaw guide tips

by:Jiali     2020-06-29
Chain saw guide plate, also known as chain board and saw board, is an integral part of chain saw transmission accessories, mainly to make chain saw chain drive according to straight line to complete chain saw cutting operation. The general material is usually 50-manganese steel or 65-manganese steel, and 65-manganese steel is better for better durability. Chain saw guide classification: According to the structure classification: three-in-one toothed guide plate, integrated guide plate guide, integrated buffer guide plate, integrated alloy guide plate According to the size classification: 10 inch guide plate, 12 inch guide plate, 14 inch guide plate, 16 inch guide plate, 18 inch guide plate, 20 inch guide plate, 22 inch guide plate, 24 inch guide plate, 36 inch guide plate, 70 guide plate, 90 guide plate, 120 guide plate. According to the pitch classification: 1/4', 0.325', 3/8', 0.404'. According to the guide groove size classification: 0.043', 0.050', 0.058', 0.063'. Chain saw guide quality comparison: 65 manganese steel guide plate is better than 50 manganese steel guide plate; from the structure analysis of cost resistance, weekday conditions, the best alloy, followed by one, three in one is the most common Chain saw guide price comparison: On weekdays, the same size of guide plates and alloy guide plates are expensive, followed by integrated guide plates, and three-in-one guide plates are cheap. The role of chain saw guide: The guide plate of the chain saw passes through the guide wire, and the compression cover and the guide wire cap are fixed to the right side of the chain saw. The chain moves at high speed, and will naturally continue to rub against the middle guide teeth of the chain saw chain. Therefore, the choice of guide plate has an impact on the development of the chain and chain saw. Choice of chain saw guide: The first is to select the size of the guide plate according to the power and use of the chain saw, the pitch of the guide plate according to the sprocket disassembled by the chain saw, and the structure and quality of the guide plate according to
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