Chainsaw FAQ's

by:Jiali     2020-04-18
Unless you are a very frequent user of chainsaws, there are a number of questions you would have when it comes to using chainsaws. Find below a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding chainsaws. Q. What is kickback and how should I guard against it? A. Kickback is when the tip of your blade hits against some object, kicking it back to you. Depending on the violence of the kickback, it can be potentially dangerous, as controlling kickback is not very easy. The only way to ensure that you do not get kickback is to never lead with the tip. Always use the side or the bottom portion of the saw for cutting, never the tip. This gives you more control over how you cut. Q. Why does my chainsaw pull to one side? A. This sometimes happens when the cutting edges on the chain are uneven. This sometimes happens after some use, and you may get uneven wear on certain parts of the chain than in others. Just sharpen the chain so that the thickness of all the blocks are constant and this problem will go away. Q. How do I know how long a chain I need for my chainsaw? A. Most manufacturers will have chains that suit the model of the chain saw you have. If you don't know the model number you can count the number of drive links it has. A drive link is the link that sits into the drive sproket driving the chain forward. The number of these links will give you the length of the chain. Eg a 70 or 72 chain, or a 90 chain. Q. How do I ensure that my chainsaw and chain last long? A. The chainsaw is a very powerful machine, and there is no way that the cutting edge or the chain will last you too long, especially if you are going to be using it very often. There are however a few things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of it. Always keep the chain at the proper tension When you get a new chain, keep it immersed in oil for a day before you put it on the chain saw. Run the chain saw in idle for a couple of minutes after you start up to allow all the parts to get warmed up, and oiled nicely before you start working. Replace the drive sproket for every two chains that you replace. Even if the sproket looks good, it will start to slip and you will not only reduce the life of your new chain, you are leaving yourself open to the chain snapping suddenly. Q. How do I know if my chain is properly tensioned? A. Pull the chain from the underside of the blade and let go. The chain should snap back and sit tight against the blade. If it does not but sags, then the chain is too lose. You should be able to pull the chain about an inch or so and if you cannot it means that it is too tight. Q. How will I know if my chain is dull? A. A new chain will cut out chips of wood. As the cutting edge wears away, it will start to throw out smaller and smaller chips until it seems like sawdust. You need to sharpen your chain before it gets to the stage. The sharper you keep your chain the easier it is to cut and the duller it gets, the more effort you have to put in. You have to find a good balance where you aren't sharpening the chain all the time while still not having a dull one.
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