Chain Saw Safety - Tips You Need to Know

by:Jiali     2020-04-18
Chain saws are by far the most dangerous over the counter tool that anyone can purchase. There are no restrictions on what a person can buy. This makes chain saw safety even more important than normal. Did you know that each year over 40,000 documented hospital visits occur due to chain saw related injuries? That figure does not include regular doctors office visits or people who choose not to get help. If you regularly use a chain saw or are considering buying one; here are some chain saw safety tips you need to know. 1 - Before Starting a Chain Saw The first thing you need to do is make sure that all of the controls are functioning according to manufacturer's specifications. You should examine the controls, check the chain tension, and make sure all bolts and handles are tight and ready to go. You will also want to make sure the saw's fuel tank is full with the correct fuel, and that your saw is full of bar and chain oil. Always be sure to add fuel to your saw at least 10 feet away from any ignition sources(including cigarettes). The last thing anyone needs is to get burned. Always wear the proper protective gear. This would include a safety helmet with a screen face shield, gloves, a thick upper garment, boots, and chaps. Loose fitting clothing is something you need to avoid. 2 - Starting the Saw Always make sure your saw is placed on the ground when you start it. You never want to drop start a chain saw because if the chain-brake is off and the saw starts it will easily cut through your skin and bones; potentially causing a fatal wound. Apply the chain-brake, then start the saw. 3 - Operating the Saw If possible never work alone. If something happens while you're alone you could be in big trouble. Always make sure while the saw is in operation you have a firm grip on the saws handles, and that you have a solid stance. Clear any and all debris from the area before you begin cutting. This includes dirt, nails, other wood, any anything that could possibly harm you or your equipment. If you need to move either turn off the saw or engage the chain-brake. Never cut with the tip of the saw. This could lead to kickback, meaning the saw may fly back at you and cut you. Operating a saw is very risky business. Always be sure to operate your equipment in the safest manner possible. If you feel that a task is too much for you, don't attempt to take it on. For more information about chain saw safety and more tips go to OSHA's website at .
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