Chain Saw: Cordless Chain Saw Review

by:Jiali     2020-07-12
Great cordless chain saw with an alligator type jaw! This cordless chain saw can cut limbs and branches up 4' in diameter. It is fast cutting and the alligator jaws grab and cut in one easy motion. It can cut up to 150 one and a half inch diameter cuts on a single charge of its 18 volt Ni-Cad battery.
Heavy Duty Cutting Bar and Chain
It has a heavy duty cutting bar and chain. The bar is 6 inches long. It is light weight at 7.9 pounds. This saw is safer than most other chain saws because it has a scissor jaw that holds the limb while you are cutting it. With the scissor jaw, you won't hit rocks or dig into the ground with the end of it. This, also, keeps the chain sharper. The chain has a metal chain guard over it for protection against kickback. This makes it a lot safer to cut over head with it. The chain saw is equipped with a two handed switch which prevents accidental start up. It is great for trimming bushes in the yard. It takes away the need to do all this trimming manually.
Interchangeable 18v Battery
The 18v battery is interchangeable with other 18v Black and Decker tools. This is a handy feature if you have other Black and Decker tools. That way you have more than one battery charged up to use in the saw. If one battery runs down, before you finish your work, you will have another battery already charged up. Battery life is between 40 to 50 minutes. The soft grip handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and control.
Great tool for someone who is not big and burly
Due to this being an 18v tool, there is no jerking on a pull cord to start it! No more stubborn gas engine that won't start. It is ready to go when the battery is attached to the tool. This makes it easier for someone who is not able to pull on the cords. It is not heavy and has plenty of power.
Not an all purpose chain saw
Obviously, this is not an all purpose chain saw. For instance, you are not going to be able to cut down a tree that is 20 inches in diameter! But! For a handy, lightweight, safer saw to use in the yard, it is going to be one of the best chain saws you can use!
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