Chain Saw Cleaning and It's Importance

by:Jiali     2020-04-09
Chain Saw Cleaning Chainsaws are a beautiful piece of equipment that many homeowners use. One of the biggest problems why a chain saw does not run properly is the fact that sawdust can pack around the flywheel, chain, and air filter. The easiest way to keep it clean is to use a air hose with a powerful nozzle. My dad made a very narrow nozzle that is about 8 inches long and it works best, but anything that can push a boat load of air will do the trick. Depending on your own personal chainsaw the air filter needs to be cleaned or the motor will not work properly. Air will get chocked down and it can lead to fowled spark plugs and sluggish running. It will cause your chain to slow down and take forever to cut a normal piece of wood. Always start at the area that has the most clutter and that is the chain and sprocket. I always remove the chain nut and remove the cover. Clean all areas with your air hose and make sure the oil spill is clean as well. This is the area where the oil leaves your saw and lubricates the chain. The sprocket will have a lot of dust as well and keep blowing air until the area is chip free. Another thing I like to do is turn the chain along the bar and blow the grove as well. This helps remove chips and other clutter that might bind your chain. When you are finished with this area close it up and blow off all areas of the housing. Once you have finished with this move to the most important area. Cleaning the the air filter is the last thing you want to clean. Cleaning this area is super easy but if you are not careful the sawdust will fill the very hole the air filter is supposed to keep clean. We take a shop towel and plug the hole before we use the air hose. Give it a quick shot of air and keep doing that until all the dust is gone. Next take your air filter and blow the air on both sides but not directly on it. Use the air at an angle so you don't damage the filter and have to purchase another one. Once you have that area clean put the air filter back it and close it up. Locate your spark plug area and give it a quick shot of air just to make sure no chips or saw dust is present. One last area to consider is your muffler. You are mixing your gas and 2 cycle oil therefore you will have grime build up. Keep this area clean so your motor is not stressed. By following these simple steps your chain saw will be thankful of your investment in care and perform at its best.
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