Causes and solutions of high temperature flameout

by:Jiali     2020-06-30
Have you encountered this situation while using a chain saw? After working for a period of time, the chain saw suddenly died, and then stopped, and then could not be pulled. It takes a while to catch fire, which is the case after working for a while, and it is more frequent when the weather is hot. This is a common situation of high temperature flameout of chain saws. What should we do in this situation? What is the reason for the high temperature of the chain saw? Is there any solution? 1. Ventilation problems. The main reason is that the crankcase and plastic parts are not well ventilated, which leads to the high temperature flameout caused by the poor ventilation of the carburetor parts. Solution: ventilation. For example, an air shroud is added at the magnetic flywheel or the passage between the magnetic flywheel and the carburetor on the crankcase can be opened to increase the amount of ventilation. Or replace the upper cover and air filter cover kit with better ventilation. 2. The carburetor has low temperature resistance. Solution: add thermal insulation paper pad, ventilate, clean or replace carburetor. 3. The coil/high voltage package is not resistant to high temperature. Solution: Replace directly. 4. The exhaust of the muffler is not smooth, resulting in high temperature. Solution: Clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger exhaust hole. (Note: The large number of holes does not necessarily mean that the rows are fast. The large double-hole holes on the market will be better than the three small holes). 5. The oil seal and negative pressure tube (balanced trachea) are not resistant to high temperature, which is manifested as air leakage when the temperature is high. Solution: replace the good quality oil seal and negative pressure tube (balanced trachea). 6. Three parts of cylinder: At least one of the three parts of cylinder, piston and piston ring is not good. Solution: replace the oil saw sleeve cylinder. The above is the reason and solution of the common high temperature flameout problem of chain saws. I hope it can help you.
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