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BG330 brush cutter series can match 2 stroke engine 1E36F-2/1E40F-5/1E44F-2

BG330 brush cutter series can match 2 stroke engine 1E36F-2/1E40F-5/1E44F-2

Jiali factory has a complete brush cutter product line. There are about 100 different models including the displacement from 20cc to 70cc (horsepower 0.6-3.2). It can fit for both of the family demand and professional demand. 
   We have developed the third-generation low emission brush cutters to meet the requirement of the European and American. The products are low emission and high quality, 
   Our products can be used for grassland forage harvest, cutting grass of the garden lawn, road and ground of the airport. Also can be used for fish grass, corn, alfalfa, soybean, rice and wheat harvest.

With an emphasis on excellence and innovation, we, Nantong Jiali Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory, have been at the forefront of efficient manufacturing techniques and outstanding customer satisfaction. Equipped with sophisticated technology and machinery, we have been able to deliver performance oriented processing equipment such as Product and many more. Following international quality standards, we are supplying a flawless range of food processing equipment to our dignified clients in China as well as in Asia. We have a team of industrious and committed experts who offer adequate after sales services to clients and assist them in installation and commissioning of our products. Constant research work in a full-fledged R&D department ensures the innovation of industrial mixing equipment making substantial contribution to the process industry. Industrial expertise & more than 30 years of experience has backed us up in providing efficient equipment and services to our clients.
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