Automatic Lawnmowers V Old Fashioned Petrol Lawnmowers

by:Jiali     2020-07-20
Points to look out for when choosing a new lawnmower are spelt out below and may help you make the decision to buy the right type. Automatic lawnmowers, ride-on lawnmowers or push lawnmowers - the choice is yours and there is a model of each type, in all sizes, for every sized lawn.
Always make sure there is a lengthy guarantee of at least two years. Most manufacturers do give that but obviously if the fault is due to negligence on your part that fault would not be covered e.g. the blades hitting a stone and breaking or getting tangles in string or wire.
It is best to opt for a lawnmower with the least number of blades. If you think of two or three 'plates' of thin metal whizzing round cutting damp grass it stands to reason that the space between these blades could clog up with the clippings. Whereas if you had just one star shaped blade covering the same area there is very little likelihood of that happening.
Think of the weight of the mower going across the lawn if there has been a wet spell - try and buy a light model like the automatic lawnmowers now on the market. The middle size only weighs about 9 Kgs and would not leave ruts. A ride-on mower also has the weight of the person driving it to make matters worse.
If the garden has low hanging shrubs and tree branches it might be preferable to buy a mower that is low enough to go in underneath without taking off the operators specs, hat or poking out their eye! Of course, being only?? feet high, again the automatic lawnmower would be better as it is not deterred by lightweight fronds overlapping the grass - it just pushes through.
Anyone living a busy life must find it difficult to cut the lawn regularly and probably has to have it cut over the week end. But if a wet spell is forecast, fitting in the cut during the week before the grass gets too long could be a problem. Again an automatic lawnmower would eliminate that problem. Once set up the robot needs no more human intervention and will cut the lawn, recharge itself and cut again as many times as the internal computer is set to do.
Make sure there is space in a shed or garage to store the lawnmower as it will soon deteriorate if left outside. Again, think of buying an automatic lawnmower which takes up a tiny amount of space in its own 'house' outside, tucked away somewhere near electricity, on the lawn; it is very unobtrusive.
Robotic lawnmowers use no fossil fuels and are charged using minimal electricity and they produce no emissions. If buying and storing petrol is a chore again think of getting a robot.
Hiding the increasing pile of lawn clippings is quite a problem, especially in a smallish garden, but by getting the lawn cut with an automatic mower this would also be eliminated as the robot cuts off such short amounts at a time that they are invisible and fall into the grass, thus providing nutrients.
There are so many choices but on the whole, the automatic lawnmower appears to eliminate the problems other types present and, from my experience of using one for three years, improves the lawn immeasurably.
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