Automatic Hand Dryers Are Now Improved for Better

by:Jiali     2020-08-12
Chances are you have had reason to visit a public bathroom in the past few years. I'm sure you've noticed that most modern facilities are now outfitted with controls that don't require your touch. They are activated by motion detectors. Now you are able to utilize a public bathroom with barely any form of contact with surfaces in the restroom.
Most people avoid using public bathroom as much as possible. Manufacturers of restroom supplies realized one of the biggest problems with public bathrooms is that they encouraged germs and bacteria. Restrooms that experience a heavy flow of visitors are a challenge to keep clean. Due to the innovations of these companies, we now have toilets that flush with a motion sensor, faucets that come on with a wave of your hands, automatic soap dispensers, and an electric hand blower that also can be motion activated.
When the automatic hand blower first came on the market, it was assumed that this was an improvement on using the old standard - paper towels. Tests conducted in recent years raised doubts concerning this assumption. They found that more bacteria remained on the finger pads and palms after using an automatic machine versus drying hands with paper towels. In defense of these automatic machines, one of the specifics that impacted this finding is how well the patron had washed their hands. Just running your hands under flowing water does not remove the bacteria. So, if a person doesn't do a thorough job cleaning and doesn't use soap, they are actually blowing their germs all over the bathroom by using the hand blower.
The top manufacturers of commercial bathroom supplies are now improving on the original model with more effective filters and improved structure that helps to contain the air blown bacteria that comes off of the hands. The technology that has been implemented by manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in recent years is now being used in the production of commercial hand blowers. They are now implementing HEPA filters. These filters clean the air that the units are bringing in and eventually blown on the hands. This improved anti-microbial filter removes 99.9 percent of bacteria on your hands.
Dyson has taken improvement a step further. They have a unique machine design that confines your hands in a slot that you pass them through. This restricts the water that is being displaced from your hands. You may recognize the Dyson name due to their reputation as a vacuum manufacturer. They also have a highly respected reputation in the automatic hand dryer field. Their hand dryers are often the most expensive on the market but they are also more advanced than most manufacturers.
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