Ariens Professional Series Snow Blowers - Clearing

by:Jiali     2020-08-22
Ariens has been long known as the name that guarantees quality lawn mowers and snow blower products. During winters, Ariens snow blowers are very helpful for clearing all kinds of terrain, from the narrow and flat driveways to the wide, hilly streets. While the Compact, Deluxe or Platinum series can clear up significant area of snowfall, you will need the Ariens Professional Sno-Thro Series for heavier conditions.
The Sno-Thro Professional Series is the most powerful and largest of all Ariens Snow Blower products. The unit is perfect for clearing heavy snowfalls and can eat right through what city plows compact and deposit along the street. There are three models in this series: Professional 28 (926038) which is able to clear 28 inch width of area, Professional 32 (926039) for clearing 32 inch width of area, and Professional 36 (926040) for larger 36 inch width area clearing. Each unit of the Professional series comes equipped with winning machinery and features.
As a standard feature, all models of Ariens Professional use the Ariens Polar Force engine by Briggs and Stratton with 420 cc of capacity. All of them also use a 120 V/ Recoil starting system, quick turn blow chute rotation, remote control deflector, automatic traction control axle system, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, a robust cast iron gear case, 14 inch diameter impeller, 16 inch steel serrated augers, handwarmers, and halogen headlight. While the Professional 28 model uses the 16 inch x 4.8 inch tire, the Professional 32 and 36 models use larger tires of 16 inches x 6.5 inches.
As other snow blower series from Ariens, the Professional models also come with warranties. Arians gives the machine user a 3-year limited consumer warranty and a 1-year limited commercial warranty. Ariens also offers additional accessories to be used along with the snow blowers for better performance. There are at least seven additional add-ons that fit all three models of the Sno-Thro Professional Series.
1. Front Weight Kit: adds 10 lbs of weight to the front of the machine for better weight balance,
2. Slicer Bar Kit: directs heavy snow into the unit's auger housing for faster removal;
3. Sno-Thro Cab: protects against snow, wind and snow blow back;
4. Sno-Thro Cover: a tear-, abrasion- and water-resistant polyester cover with elastic hem for protecting the unit from foreign materials;
5. Non-Abrasive Skid Shoes: helps protect fragile surfaces while clearing decorative areas;
6. Track Drive Conversion Kit: converts the Sno-Thro into a Drive Track unit; and
7. Snow Brush: converts the unit for clearing decorative surfaces and light snow.
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