Analysis on Difficulties of Starting the Chainsaw

by:Jiali     2020-06-30
Chainsaw heat engine is difficult to start, usually involving the heat dissipation of the whole machine. This is because when the heat dissipation of the machine is not good, the heat cannot be discharged from the machine and is transferred to the carburetor, so that the temperature of the carburetor is too high, reaching or even exceeds 40 degrees. The gasoline will evaporate before entering the cylinder through the carburetor. Caused by the failure to supply oil normally. This situation is particularly likely to occur in the summer and within 20 minutes of the chain saw doing its job. Encounter this kind of problem, usually we need to let the machine dissipate heat naturally or accelerate its dissipation manually, just lower the temperature of the carburetor and it can be used again. To spread a little knowledge here, in order to accelerate the heat dissipation of the carburetor, we can use a few drops of gasoline on the carburetor, so the heat will also evaporate, and the carburetor can work normally. In short, the heat engine is difficult to start. Scientifically speaking, it is due to the unscientific design of the machine casing and the like, which results in poor heat dissipation of the machine, especially when the surrounding climate temperature is already high. In addition, high temperature can easily cause the carburetor needle valve to stick. This is an off-topic. If this problem causes the carburetor to fail to start, just open the carburetor back cover and dial the needle under the black diaphragm (quantitative diaphragm) The valve can be reinstalled!
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