Alligator Lopper Tips

by:Jiali     2020-07-12
With the Black & Decker Alligator's Lopper's capacity to cut tree limbs, branches, and logs that are up to 4' in diameter, the Alligator Lopper (AKA 'Al') is able to easily handle the vast majority of your tree trimming work. For me, it has become my 'go to' tool! Better than using a chain saw, an axe, or a manual lopper. Of course, I still have to use my regular chain saw for really big limbs and logs but there is not much of that. Here are a few tips for you about your 'Al'.
1. I have found that by hooking the bottom jaw front teeth of my Al on the tree limb I want to cut (and already have laying on the ground) and then pushing the handles together, when my Al begins cutting it will roll/move the tree limb deeper into the Al's jaws for a nice clean cut.
2. Do not store your Al with its battery attached. Remove the battery and reinsert the battery cap (that comes with the battery) on the battery. The battery cap will protect the battery during movement and storage.
3. Since the Al requires oiling (for peak functioning) after about every 10 minutes of use, fill the plastic oil bottle (that comes with the Al) with bar and chain oil and then carry it in your back pocket for easy access. If you don't have any bar and chain oil, you can also use SAE30 weight motor oil. You oil the Al by lifting the black oiling cover (located right behind the jaws on the left side) and inserting the oil bottle nozzle into the oil filling hole and then squeezing the bottle. This puts oil on to the Al's chain bar. I also carry around a small rag that I use to wipe off the bottle after each oil filling before I put the bottle in my pocket.
4. When carrying or storing your Al, be sure and close the handles and then lock the handles together by pushing the handle latch forward.
5. When trimming a tree branch, start making your cuts on the narrow end of the branch and then move toward the larger end with your successive cuts.
6. Do not force your Alligator Lopper! Just guide the Al with light pressure. Let your Al cut at its own pace. Be sure and only cut one tree branch at a time!
7. Periodically check the tension in your chain. The tension is properly set when you can pull the chain out about 1/8' and the chain snaps back on to the guide bar. BE SURE AND REMOVE YOUR BATTERY BEFORE YOU DO ANY 'CHAIN TENSION CHECKING'!
8. Be careful not to keep your Al's battery in a plugged-in battery charger for long periods of time (e.g., 30 days). Doing so will reduce will reduce your battery's life in the long run.
9. Use a small dry paint brush to periodically clean out your Al's ventilation slots. I suggest you do this 'clean out' routinely after each use.
10. Only use the battery charger that comes with your Alligator Lopper. Using a different charger may damage your battery or create a hazardous situation.
11. Don't worry if your battery charger becomes warm or even hums a little during charging. That's normal for the charger.
Follow these tips for better results, and I hope you will enjoy using your Alligator Lopper as much as I do using mine!
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