All About Lawn Mowers and More

by:Jiali     2020-04-21
A beautiful yard with a beautiful lawn is really a sight to behold. Better still; a beautiful lawn is a great place for you, family and friends to enjoy a warm sunny day having a bbq. But when you stop dreaming, and look out at that space which you call your yard, and you see it filled with overgrown weeds and brush, then you know its time to take action! When you know how to tackle such a situation with the expert guidance I will give you, that dream will soon become a reality for sure! So lets get started, do you pull out a garden spade and a slash hook and start swinging like a person possessed? No! you go online or look up your local phone directory and locate your nearest garden machinery shop and enquire about buying or hiring a walk behind brush cutter and a cultivator or as some people call them a rotavator. Once they are delivered and you have familiarized yourself with the operating instructions, you are nearly ready to start. So before you begin go put on the correct safety clothing; good heavy boots, thick trousers, heavy garden gloves and some eye protection. Now we are ready, clear the area of any obstructions, such as kid's toys, garden furniture or anything that might get in your way. Fire up the brush cutter and away you go. When the area has been cleared of all the debris from the brush cutter, put all the cuttings on your compost heap, or if you don't already have one, this would be a good time to start one off. Now get the rotavator fired up and start rotavating. Don't set the depth of the cut to deep to start with, make several passes over each area until the ground / dirt has been broken down to very small granules. Lightly rake off any remaining debris, like vegetation, roots and large stones. Get the soil spread out nice and evenly and then sprinkle some new grass seed over the area. Lightly rake the area again covering the seed. Use a garden roller to even out the ground and flatten it. Water the newly laid lawn twice a day until the seeds germinate and water once a day after that if the weather is dry When the new grass is 4 to 5 inches tall lightly run over it with a walk behind lawn mower, or if the area is too large, use a riding lawn mower if necessary. Make sure that you remove the clippings. Cut the lawn once a week in the summer and feed it after the last cut of the summer. This will get your new lawn through the winter and ready for the growth spurt in the spring. A little preparation with good advice and knowledge will go along way to achieving that beautiful lawn.
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