A Great Time To Buy An Alligator Lopper

by:Jiali     2020-07-10
We are quickly approaching the best time of the year to trim trees. Late Fall through early Spring is considered by many in the tree trimming business to be the best time of the year in which to trim trees and shrubs. So this is a great time to purchase a Black & Decker Alligator Lopper if you don't already have one.
Not only will you have it to perform your yearly late Fall trimming work, but it will also be available for you to use to cut up any limbs or branches that break off during the winter because of snow or ice or in the Spring because of high winds. An almost certain occurrence for those of us with a lot of trees.
The Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is quickly becoming a favorite tool of homeowners and do it yourselfers. It provides the 'ease of cutting' advantage provided by a chain saw, while at the same time eliminating a lot of the risk in using a regular chainsaw. The alligator lopper uses a chain saw cutting action to easily and quickly cut through tree limbs and branches that are up to 4 inches thick. But, this lopper is designed to eliminate much of the risk that a regular chain saw has. The operator has to have a hand on each handle of the alligator lopper in order to be able to engage the cutting chain (take one hand off and the rotating chain stops cutting), the lower jaw is curved and helps firmly hold the limb or branch that you are cutting, and the lower jaw portion of the lopper completely covers the cutting chain when the handles are closed. Requiring that the operator have a hand on each lopper handle ensures that you have much better control when you use the lopper. In addition, since a jaw of the lopper is gripping each side of the limb, the risk of 'chainsaw bounce' that you have when you use a regular chainsaw is virtually eliminated.
Once you have tried using an alligator lopper, it will quickly become your tree trimming tool of choice. You will find yourself using your manual lopper and regular chainsaw less and less. And, since the lopper is light and easy to use and does its work so quickly, you will find yourself whistling instead of grunting or cursing and looking around for other things to cut with the lopper.

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