A Closer Look At Lawnmower Blades - Manufacturing

by:Jiali     2020-08-02
Although you wouldn't think it, the blades are the most important part of your lawnmower - without them, it would just be a little machine on wheels that you could drive around your yard for no reason. But how much attention do you really pay your lawnmower's blades? My guess is not much at all, and this could be a big mistake. This guide will first take a look at how these blades are manufactured, and will then tell you how to keep them maintained.
Basically, two different types of steel is used to create lawnmower blades as we know them - the first is a mild or carbon steel and the second is known as tool steel. Blades made out of the latter material are know to stay sharp for much longer than the carbon steel ones, meaning that they have to be cleaned and maintained far less. They are also far more expensive than the other kind, which need to be sharpened much more regularly.
It is of the utmost importance that your lawnmower's blade are kept sharp, as this will ensure that they cut neatly through the grass rather than tearing it out (which can damage your lawn as well as your blades). Fortunately, it is possible to sharpen your lawnmower's blades yourself, which can save you a small fortune because you no longer have to visit a professional.
Remove your lawnmower's source of power. For electric models, pull out the cord; for petrol models, pull out the spark plug; for battery models, pull the batteries out.
Carefully remove the blades from the base of your lawnmower, being sure to follow the instructions that can be found in your manufacturer's manual. You may like to number the parts so that you put them back in the correct order when you're finished.
Take the first blade and place it into a vice. This will hold it securely in place whilst you work on it.
Use a metal file or a grinder to sharpen the blade. Make sure that you follow the existing contour of the blade.
Put the blades back onto the lawnmower, following the numbers that you wrote on the parts earlier if you need to.
By determining what sort of blades your lawnmower has been fitted with (mild or carbon steel, or tool steel), you will be able to create for yourself a sharpening schedule that always ensures your blades are kept in tip top condition. Make sure that you follow the sharpening instructions carefully, otherwise you may find that your blades are still dull or chipped, which can cause serious damage to your lawn.
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