6 Tips for Driving Safe This Winter

by:Jiali     2020-08-22
While the best tip for driving in the ice and snow is don't do it unless you really have to, that is every year when winter comes there are far more accidents, delays and problems due to the ice and snow. One of the most important things to do for your safety and the safety of others is change the way you drive during these conditions to keep yourself safe. Below are 6 safety tips that you can use for driving in the winter.
6 Tips for Driving Safe This Winter
Brake gently to avoid skidding: Fast breaking is a sure fire way to skid or slide on icy roads. Easily push the brake pedal down for best results.
Keep your lights on at all times: Driving with your lights on provides not only better visibility for you but also for others driving on the road.
Drive slower on bridges and overpasses: Even on temperatures above freezing bridges and overpasses may be frozen. Any type of wetness on bridges should be taken with extreme caution. Also watch out of areas of black ice on these bridges as often they are not visible.
Don't pass snow plows on the highway: It is better to be safe than sorry when driving on icy roads. Let snow plows ahead of you and do not pass them unless you have to. Many times snow plows will plow snow to the sides and can cause you to have limited visibility on your windshield. Also stay back at least 100 feet or so of these plows, because they often will have large chunks of ice that bounce off the back of their truck.
Leave plenty of room to stop: Whatever your usual stopping distance is between cars should be tripled in snowy conditions. Start braking well before traffic lights and use the slow and steady braking method. Quick brakes will often cause you to fishtail, which will lead to major damage.
If you start to slide: If you start to slide don't panic and yank the wheel one way or the other. Always keep steering the direction that you want the front wheels to go, no matter which way your rear wheels are spinning. The big key is to stay calm and relaxed and don't make any quick movements as this can result in a full spin out and a major car accident.
When driving in the winter the number one goal is to drive much slower than normal and not to panic. A small fishtail or slide on ice can turn into a major accident if the driver makes a quick turn of the steering wheel or slams on the brakes.
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