6 Reasons to Choose a Cordless Lawn Mower

by:Jiali     2020-07-26
There was a time when I assumed that the best machine for mowing the grass was a gas powered lawn mower. I didn't believe that a cordless lawn mower would ever be up to the job. However, they are now more powerful than ever before and their battery life means that most lawns can be cut from a single charge.
But, I can see that you are still not convinced. Why after all would you abandon a conventional gas mower or indeed a corded electric mower? Well, let's take a look at some of the distinct advantages of cordless lawn mowers:
No messy gas or oil cans to deal with. That's right, no messing about with highly flammable liquids for refuelling.
No pull cord starts. This is the best thing for me. My gas powered mower was a very fussy starter, particularly when using the first few times in spring. So, no more frustration and no more wrenching my arm off trying to get it started. All I have to do is flick a switch and I am away.
Reduced emissions. Gas powered mowers are inefficient little machines and produce far more emissions that you would expect for such a small engine. By using a cordless lawn mower you significantly reduce the amount of emissions that you are responsible for.
Cheaper to run. We all know about the spiralling cost of gasoline. I am not saying that it does not cost anything to charge a battery because it certainly does, but it significantly cheaper.
Much, much quieter. People who are used to gas powered lawn mowers are generally surprised just how much quieter cordless lawn mowers are. So no need to worry about disturbing the neighbors then.
None of the limitations and hassle of corded electric mowers. Corded electric mowers are fine except of course for that electric cable which limits how large a space you can mow. There are also the safety implications and risk of accidentally mowing the cable, especially if you use a long extension cable. And then if you have lots of trees and bushes to navigate you can certainly get yourself in a tangle.
I think that cordless lawn mowers are the way to go and are the future of yard care. If you have a particularly large lawn then you should look for a model that has a removable battery and then buy a second battery, so all you have to do is swap them over when the first one's charge runs out.
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