3 Easy Steps to Maintaining and Repairing Your

by:Jiali     2020-07-29
The Husqvarna lawn mower is a fine piece of machinery. That being said, even the best mowers break down and need to be maintained. And if yours has endured a few years of wear and tear, it's probably ready for a little TLC.
You can do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. The difference in cost is considerate. And it really isn't too difficult to do the job yourself, once you know how.
Reading this article will make it a whole lot simpler for you to fix your Husqvarna lawn mower by breaking it down into three easy steps anyone can do.
The 1st step is open the mower's hood and check the spark plug. In this type of mower, the plug is where the hose meets the motor.
NOTE: Anytime you work on your lawnmower, always, take the hose off the plug.
If the plug looks crusty or dirty, take your new plug and slide it into position and replace the hose. You should buy a new plug every season to keep your mower running efficiently.
Skipping this step in the preseason means your engine could not only falter, or at times not even start, but also, later on down the line, you might have to come up with some extra money for engine repairs.
The 2nd step is to check the filter. On this type of mower, the filter is easy to get to. Just unlock the plastic lid on top of the motor by unscrewing with your hand. Look for any clogs or heavy deposits of dirt. Better yet, instead of cleaning the filter, why not buy a new one? For a few dollars, it's worth it.
The 3rd step is to sharpen or replace the blade (depending how bad it is). Make sure you raise the cutting handle to its highest position before you go underneath the mower with a 5/8-inch wrench.
Raising the blade is very important since it makes it a lot easier to get at the bolt that is holding the mower blade by its center. Unscrew the bolt and slide the blade off the arbor. Place the new blade onto the arbor and then tighten it. Be careful not to cut yourself handling the blade.
That's all there is too it.
Carefully follow the instructions above and you'll have no trouble maintaining your Husqvarna lawn mower. Just stick to the steps, doing what you must do while getting around the pitfalls outlined. Now you should enjoy many more seasons of mowing by successfully maintaining your Husqvarna lawn mower.
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